Canada’s Food Guide Consultation- What is being done improve the Health of Canadians?

Check out our AM segment on the updates for Canada’s Food Guide PM Segment on the Food Guide Check back soon for more on why the changes are needed.

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Prebiotics and Probiotics- What’s the Difference? On CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Prebiotics are non-digestible fiber that helps to sustain and support the life of other microorganisms, such as Probiotics.   A probiotic is a microorganism that essentially assists the body in processing food in the intestine, by assisting in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  The job of the probiotic is essentially to keep things moving and […]

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Unlikely Places for Added Sugar on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Sugar CTV 2.0 In an effort to avoid sugar, people are drinking less soft drinks, but not realizing how much sugar is in so called “healthy” foods they continue to consume. There is no Upper Limit for sugar in Canada, however the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend that people limit their […]

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Is there Mush-room for this Recipe in your repertoire? We think there should be!

Mushrooms are versatile. They can be enjoyed stuffed, turned into mini pizzas and even burgers. Try these easy stuffed mushrooms for a flavourful dinner. Ingredients: Large Mushrooms portobello or use any other large mushroom variety 1 package of lean ground turkey or chicken Salt and Pepper 2 tbsp butter or coconut oil melted 2 tbsp […]

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Ottawa Race Weekend Meal Plan on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Many of us are gearing up for race weekend, whether you are running or walking your nutrition plays a large role in your performance. We have some incredible meal ideas for you What to Eat Before the Race: Morning Run – First thing to remember is to stick to what you are used to. Testing […]

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Fridge or Counter Rules for Storing food On CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Does it need to go in the fridge? Are you taking up precious fridge space with foods that would actually last longer and taste better outside of the fridge or maybe you are leading your foods to an early demise by leaving them on the counter? The following foods might surprise when you find out […]

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Boot Camp -For All Levels of Fitness. Get outside and have FUN!

Hey Folks! It’s warming up out there. It’s time to bring yourself and exercise into the great outdoors! We will be at Carlington Park for our Bootcamps, just a skip and hop away from our offices! Info and Levels below. Option 1: Fundamentals of Movement – $85.00/ 4 weeks (Beginner) This course will go over […]

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Leftovers On CTV Morning Live, to Toss or to Keep?

Should you Keep it or Toss it? Batch cooking is a great way to help you meal prep for the week and so is buying items on sale. One of the downsides is that we may forget or store some items for too long if they are improperly labelled. Below are the Health Canada Food […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes full of Greens on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

This St. Patrick’s day boost your family’s meals with these healthy and fun food ideas. Normally St. Patrick’s day conjures ideas of seas of green beer, fried foods and being over indulgent but it doesn’t need to be. Yes, it is possible incorporate green into breakfast, lunch and dinner without using loads of dyes and […]

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Poop 101 on CTV Morning Live!

Sometimes things are not moving and sometimes they are moving too quickly! Let’s talk about poop and what to do in both scenarios to get you back to feeling your best. Catch the Segment here! Recipes: Chia Pudding (Get things moving) Ingredients 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk OR Coconut milk 2 tbsps of chia […]

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