Feeling tiny bit sniffly? This super easy Coconut Soup will help clear out Sinuses and it’s super tasty!

This soup is a health booster and also so easy prepare. So even if you are feeling a little under the weather it’s not too labour intensive. Coconut milk great for fighting colds and the pepper is great for cleaning out nasal passages. Within the medium-chain fatty-acids in coconut milk you will find lauric acid […]

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To stick or not to stick? Nonstick Pans vs Stainless Steel

Our clients often ask about cookware. Nonstick pans are supposed to help with the clean up of cooking our food saving time, but there are other options. We try to always use stainless steel pans and add a little coconut oil to them or some water works well too. Nonstick chemicals that are used in […]

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Food Rich in B Vitamins can help you with winter stresses. Try some of these ideas today!

B Vitamins are needed for proper brain function and can help regulate mood! The B’s are also great for healthy skin, nails and hair! In our recent Huffington Post article you will find some foods that you should include in your diet to get a wide range of benefits. Our recent article for the Huffington […]

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On the Last and 12th day of Christmas we have some non-alcoholic drink alternatives!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We want you all to be careful, safe and healthy this holiday season. Below you will find some non-alcoholic drink alternatives if you feel like something a little different! Option 1 RASPBERRY “BEETINI” Fresh beet juice and tart raspberries give this energizing smoothie not only a beautiful violet-red colour, but […]

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Sports Nutrition Interview: “If it Fits your Macros” Diet. Is it healthy?

All about IIFYM We were happy to have Carleton Journalism students come by our office last month to learn more about the “If it Fits your Macros” or IIFYM diet. They were covering the story of a female body builder and her training and diet methods in preparation for competition. Our Family and Sports Nutritionist, Natasha […]

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Chatelaine Magazine- Healthy Fats Article

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Rachel Caven is a Consulting Nutritionist for Chatelaine Magazine: #1 Magazine in Canada. Check out September’s issue for tips on healthy fats!

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Beat Winter Fatigue with These Easy Steps- Sun Article

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I give some tips to the Ottawa Sun on how to beat winter fatigue: http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/01/09/beat-winter-fatigue-with-these-easy-steps

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Is Organic Produce Worth the Money?

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“Is organic produce worth the money?” This is one of the most common questions I receive. To see my answer check out my article in the Ottawa Sun .

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