Belly Warming Sausage Paella, well worth the effort. Find the recipe here!

Our own Brittany Gordonn has a lovely recipe to warm you up! Winter is coming which means we all begin to search for that meal that will fill us up and warm us up. Get you ingredients this week to prepare this dish this weekend! This paella is exactly that, a hardy healthy meal for […]

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Fuel for Runners: Healthy Snacks Before and After your Workout

HIGH PERFORMANCE NUTRITION: FUELLING FOR IMPROVED HEALTH AND ENDURANCE Natasha will be doing a Sports Nutrition Workshop for runners at Mountain Equipment Co-op at 6:30pm May 14th. To learn more visit: The better you fuel your body, the more energy your muscles can store, the faster you recover, and therefore, the harder you can train. Your […]

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Sports Nutrition Interview: “If it Fits your Macros” Diet. Is it healthy?

All about IIFYM We were happy to have Carleton Journalism students come by our office last month to learn more about the “If it Fits your Macros” or IIFYM diet. They were covering the story of a female body builder and her training and diet methods in preparation for competition. Our Family and Sports Nutritionist, Natasha […]

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Meatless Monday Nutritious and Delicious Red Curry

Which was yesterday, we were so busy enjoying eating we didn’t post it, forgive us.

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Should You Drink Sports Drinks?

Are you finishing your workout with a brightly coloured sports drink in order to replenish those electrolytes you lost sweating? These beverages do supply some electrolytes, but they also supply a lot more that you definitely don’t want. Here’s what you’re getting: Artificial Colours- May cause allergy reactions or a worsening of asthma symptoms, exactly […]

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