Wondering how to beat the winter blahs? Find out on CTV Morning Live!

Beating the Winter Blues This -36 Degree weather is a bit much, right?! Learn simple techniques to boost your mood in these chilly winter months through proper food choices and lifestyle habits! This morning on CTV we discussed: 1) Good Mood Foods/Bad Mood Foods – Whole foods will make you happy vs. processed foods are […]

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Unsuspecting Factors that may cause Weight Gain Segment on CTV Morning Live!

There may be certain things you that you do day to day that make you gain weight! See below and catch the segment to ensure you are staying healthy! 1. Artificial Sweeteners- have been shown to increase weight gain more than regular sugar! Increases insulin and leptin (the hunger hormone) causing you to be more […]

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How to Beat those Winter Blues on Rogers Daytime!

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How to Improve your Mood through Food This time of year, we all feel like eating warm comfort foods that are not necessarily healthy; to improve mood, your brain needs nutrients! Foods lacking in nutrition (sugar, processed grains, caffeine, etc) tax the body and create a need for even MORE nutrients for their assimilation. Here are […]

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Sugar sugar sugar on CTV Morning Live! How much sugar is in the food you consume daily?

On CTV Morning Live today we looked at sugar and the amounts we consume in everyday foods. The results might surprise you. Sugar Facts – It is found in 80% of packaged foods – The average North American consumes the equivalent of 19.5 teaspoons a day in added sugars – There are no federal guidelines […]

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CTV Morning Live – Easy & Delicious Ways of getting more Leafy Greens into your Diet!

Simple Ways to feed your Family more Greens! You’ve heard it before, vegetables are arguably the most health-promoting food group. But statistics show that over 60% of Canadians are not consuming the recommended 5-7 servings per day. Eat your veggies, folks! Leafy greens, specifically, are nutritional powerhouses! Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and water, […]

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Get the best sleep segment on CTV MORNING LIVE!

What are the best foods to encourage sleep? The healthiest lifestyle habits?

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Myth Mondays on CTV Morning Live! Is eating after 7 okay?! Find out.

Myth Debunking on a Monday at CTV! 1. Never eat after 7pm. a. Myth. If you have dinner every night at 6 pm, please do not eat past 7 pm. However, if you work a weird schedule or exercise late in the evening, it’s important to eat something so you are not going to bed […]

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CTV Morning LIVE-Ways to Eat Better without Thinking and How To Stay Healthy for back to College or University ( Avoiding the Freshman 15!)

Eat Better without Thinking 1.Snack on harder to eat things: a. Nuts in shells b. Cherries c. Oranges d. Corn on the cob (avoid/limit the butter) e. Bonus- leaves visual evidence of how much you have eaten 2. Use smaller plates and utensils a. Dessert plates, spoons b. Chopsticks 3. Make a large salad and […]

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Hot times in Ottawa call for Summer Treats! Watch the appearance on CTV Morning LIVE!

The CTV morning live Segment on Healthier summer treats is here!

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Making the Right Choice, Healthier Summer Drinks on CTV Morning LIVE!

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 Sugary Summer Drinks, who needs them? Not you!  You never want to drink your calories so here are some alternatives to help you make the right choice when you want to cool off. Drinks to Avoid ·      Sweetened beverages- sugar, glucose-fructose ·      Artificially sweetened, coloured or flavoured beverages ·      Soda, diet soda ·      Gatorade, sports […]

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