Watch CTV Morning Live June 3rd, at 8:15 am- Sugary Summer Drinks Redone to be MUCH better for you

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Watch CTV Morning Live at 8:15 AM on Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 to learn about changing the way you make your summer drinks!sugar-drinks-200x300


  • Phyllis says:

    Watched your segment on CTV this morning, very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. Right now I just drink ice water with squirts of lemon juice, but would very much like to try the other drinks. I did try putting a lemon slice in my glass, but found that the lemon left a peculiar taste, almost a rotten, spoiled like smell, to my water. Not sure why this happened.

    • jenni says:

      Hi there!

      Not sure why that happened. The best insight we have is it is best to wash your lemons, especially if you are using it with the skin still on. Organic lemons are favoured for use in water.

  • Nancy says:

    The segment on CTV this morning was interesting. I am always looking for tasty, nutritious drinks. Where can I purchase chlorophyll and what are the other ingredients/recipes you mentioned? I had the impression the info would be on your website.
    Thank you!

    • jenni says:

      Hi there!

      You can purchase Chlorophyll at our office at 1142 Carling or at your local health food store! The water was infused with blackberries and oranges, or lemon or lime. You can add a variety of fruit to your water or even add mint leaves. You can also add a drop of apple or mint chlorophyll to your water to flavour it. The jug had raspberries and lemons in it with water and a red berry tea bag! Any kind of tea that mixes well with fruit would do! :)

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