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Brittany Gordon, – Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition, Skincare, Allergy Support & General Nutrition for Health and Happiness

Nutritionist, specializing in sports nutrition, allergies and healthy skin.

Brittany has struggled for years with chronic eczema, mild to severe allergies and other issues associated with chronic inflammation. As an avid runner and a yoga teacher she didn’t want to be held back by achy joints and sore and itchy skin so she began to take health into her own hands. Quickly, Brittany discovered that the foods she ate affected not only her athletic performance but also her skin. The more she experimented with how foods made her feel the faster she was able to set her up for success.
Brittany’s food education started at a young age when she found out she had a life threatening nut allergy and a handful of intolerances to chemicals and preservatives. Her education into health and fitness started with a weekend course in Nutrition and Wellness in 2012, these 20 hours changed the way she looked at her plate and how she chose to fuel her own body. After attending this certification she couldn’t stop her desire to continue learning and eventually move to become a Certified Personal Trainer (2013) and a Yoga teacher (2013). Once completing her yoga teacher training she came back to Ottawa and continued on this path enrolling at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2014. Now a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) she hopes to share all the knowledge she has gathered over the years with her clients.
Being someone with allergies she is very in tune to others who are going through the struggle of finding out what is right for them. Being diagnosed with an allergy, no matter the age, can feel overwhelming, having gone through this Brittany strives to make the transition to a healthy and safe diet a new and exciting task. She strives to teach her clients how to not only eat safely but also to eat delicious satisfying meals which will not leave them feeling like they are missing out.
Brittany’s enthusiasm for food and nutrition doesn’t stop at learning to live with your allergies. With a goal of helping others find their optimal self and being an active individual herself has led her to a passion for sports and fitness nutrition. By focusing on customizing meal plans full of nutrient dense, performance supporting foods Brittany assists her clients in attaining their performance goals.
As an individual who is passionate about health, fitness and happiness Brittany hopes to instill her clients with a sense of community, excitement and support. She believes that we are all have the ability to live to our full potential and with the right help and support we are all able to live happy, healthy, and active lives.

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Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Allergy Support & General Nutrition for Health and Happiness

Education: Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Ottawa), Yoga Teacher Certification at Nosara Yoga Institute (Costa Rica) and Pure Yoga (Ottawa), Personal Training Specialist at Can-Fit Pro (Ottawa), Nutrition and Wellness Specialist at Can-Fit Pro (Ottawa)

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