Corporate Testimonials

Rachel Caven

Department of Justice

“Rachel’s presentation was excellent! We were all very impressed with her knowledge of the subject of nutrition in the workplace, and her pleasant personality and approachability made everyone very comfortable to ask questions throughout the presentation. It’s not easy presenting to a group of 100 different individuals, but Rachel did an amazing job of making her presentation apply to just about everyone! You could tell just by the number and the diversity of the questions that were asked during her presentation and even afterwards. Her humour and her slideshow kept everyone very interested the whole time, and people even felt we could have had her speak for another hour! We definitely walked out of there knowing much more about nutrition than before her presentation. We cannot recommend her highly enough for any corporate event! Thank you Rachel, from the Tax Law Services Portfolio of the Department of Justice!”



Sonny Lolacher, Team Leader, Revenue Canada

I would like to offer my extreme thank you for your professionalism and integrity. What impressed me was: you called it as you saw it; your knowledge; and your passion! You believe it and you live it. Along with the information you presented you provided me with the tools to continue my health path for – I hope – the rest of my life! As you said, we never stop learning about the discoveries of the merits (or demerits) of what we consume, etc.



Workplace and Prevention Services

I thought I was eating properly until this session! Great presentation, very practical advice, very informative.



Running Room

I wanted to thank you for your talk to the group. They loved the presentation and all stated to date that it was one of their favorite presentations!



Stevenson/Trinka Dentistry

Rachel did a fantastic presentation to our small but diverse group. She put nutrition in perspective and gave us practical and easy to incorporate suggestions. As individuals we all benefitted from her information. Her guidance has positively influenced the dietary culture of our office.

Natasha Onley

Aids Committee of Ottawa

I want to thank Natasha on behalf of The AIDS Committee of Ottawa for taking time to come to our agency and provide our participants with a terrific presentation on how food can affect our mood! Natasha was so prepared for all of the questions that were asked throughout the presentation; she did not skip a beat and was extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Natasha did a food demonstration at the end of her presentation that provided participants with a glimpse of how easy and tasty it can be to make healthy, fast food that improves your mood. The delicious brownies that Natasha made were jam packed full of nutrition but most importantly tastiness!!!
A few participants took the time to fill out an evaluation of Natasha’s presentation and here are a couple of their quotes:
All around I think the content and objectives of such workshop are paramount to both mental and physical well-being, this also connects to spiritual wellness.”
“I saw this as a constructive measure in dealing with emotions connected to pain and the connection of mental and physical.”

Thank you again for taking the time to present this important information for people who are living with HIV and looking for alternative and complementary ways to improve their wellbeing in a holistic way.

Melissa Philpott
Living Room Support Worker


March 2023

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