Chocolate! Chocolate? Yes Chocolate. Get the scoop on what is best on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

What’s the deal with chocolate and what are the best options? “Food of the Gods” Benefits: • Highest antioxidant food in the world, 15x blueberries, 20x green tea, 30x red wine • #1 food for your heart • Flavanoids – antioxidants which protect from damage to the arteries, function like a low dose aspirin preventing […]

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It’s Love Week on CTV Morning Live and we have the perfect treats for you to improve your sex life!

What are the best libido boosting foods? And what are the worst? Find out here and catch the segment on CTV Morning Live! Foods to Boots your Sex Drive: The Worst: 1. Alcohol • Alcohol acts as a depressant which can inhibit physiological symptoms and hinder the body’s ability for sexual activity • Chronic alcohol […]

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