On the 6th Day of Christmas we share with you a Matcha Tea Latte for Monday…Matcha Monday!

Matcha Monday Matcha is the ground green tea powder and it has many benefits including: -Helps boost your energy -Can be anti-aging -Help lower cholesterol -Detoxifying because oft chlorophyll -L-theanine to help with memory and learning ability Ingredients -1 teaspoon matcha powder -1/4 cup boiling water -3/4 cup plain almond milk, coconut milk or other […]

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Wake up without Coffee? Is it possible? Watch the segment CTV Morning Live to find out!

  Ways to wake up without coffee   Lifestyle § Light, sunshine, UV light o Get as much light as possible first thing in the morning. This shuts off your production of melatonin which signals to your brain it’s wake up time! § Exercise o Get the blood pumping. Even a short walk or some […]

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