On the 11th Day of Christmas we have an Eggless Egg Nog Recipe (Hot or cold)

Egg Nog without the Eggs If you have a sensitivity to eggs try this Eggless Eggnog recipe. The Cashews add a new flavour, and cashews are good fro your heart, hair and skin health! If you don’t like eggnog this might be something you could end up loving! Egg Nog Recipe Ingredients: • ¾ cup […]

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Wake up without Coffee? Is it possible? Watch the segment CTV Morning Live to find out!

  Ways to wake up without coffee   Lifestyle § Light, sunshine, UV light o Get as much light as possible first thing in the morning. This shuts off your production of melatonin which signals to your brain it’s wake up time! § Exercise o Get the blood pumping. Even a short walk or some […]

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