Turn a Clementine Rind into a Candle? You got it!

A Clementine Candle? Yes and it’s not magic, though it certainly looks magical!

Clementines are great as a snack because of their portability and their delightful taste. They have that rock’in vitamin C, which is great for fending off winter colds! They are portable and easy enough to put in your purse or bag and won’t bruise as easily an a banana, apple or pear!

But there is another use for a Clementine… You can make a candle out of it!

What do you need?

1. Clementine
2. Olive oil and or Coconut oil
3. Matches or lighter
4. A sharp knife ( or a dull one it’s has to cut through a Clementine so it’s okay)
5. Optional essential oil of choice
6. Plate or ceramic dish to function as candle holder

How to Make the Candle: Read instructions from start to finish first! :)

Cut the clementine in half or gently cut the outside until you reach the clementine. I find that cutting it in half is easiest and then carefully peel the outside or insert a spoon between the skin and flesh of clementine to wedge it out. If peeling do so in a circle formation without breaking it, do this slowly and ensuring you have the white middle called the pericap or albedo intact. This is your wick!

You want to end up with 2 full halves of skin without rips.

Once you’ve taken out the juicy clementine part eat it…or save it for later.

Now pull up the white albedo in the hollowed out clementine skin carefully so that it does not rip out. Take a little bit of olive oil and fill the clementine with about 2 glugs of olive oil but add more if needed.
You can also add coconut oil but it needs to be melted first. I added a few drops of lavender oil and the scent was amazing. Light the white albedo which is your wick. It might not light at first but put a little olive oil on the tip of the wick and it will light up! Magical!

Safety: Burn for about 2 hours and NEVER leave it unattended.

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