ReBoot Weight Loss

A personalized program designed just for you so you can reach your goals and keep the weight off forever.

Digestive Program

Designed for anyone dealing with digestive issues such as gas, bloating, IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac and more.

Nutritional Counselling

Not sure which program is right? Reach out and we can create a personalized program for you!

Are You Still Trying To Figure Out What You Need
To Eat To Reach Your Goals?

If you’re still struggling to find the nutrition plan that’s actually right for YOU, we completely understand. That’s why we offer personalized programs with no calorie counting, no starving yourself, no special supplements, and no injections.

There’s no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all meal plans here! Our nutritionists will take into account your current health, medical history, nutritional status, lifestyle, work schedule, exercise, family life, food preferences, and goals.

During our programs, you’ll learn HOW to eat for your body and gain the confidence to make great food choices whether you’re at home, the grocery store, or at a restaurant. These are habits you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life so you’ll never have to diet again! Because the truth is…


It’s Not Your Fault if You Haven’t Seen Lasting Results in the Past…

Most diet programs are designed to fail. It’s a brilliant marketing scheme that keeps you coming back – and it’s why the weight loss industry is worth billions.

In reality, diets only ever offer short-term results. When you cut calories, you’ll lose weight for the first couple of weeks – but what you’re losing is often valuable muscle and water weight instead of fat. That’s why you’ve probably gained all of your weight back (and sometimes more!) when you’ve finished the diet.

Trust us, you should never beat yourself up over this. The fad diets that you’ve tried before were never going to work – simply because they weren’t made for you!
When you find a truly effective program, science-based and tailored to your body and health history, you can put your frustration behind you and embrace a program that prioritizes YOU and helps you feel at your best every single day.

Stop dieting.

Start Living

Feeling amazing in your body is about more than just losing weight.
It’s about managing stress, balancing your hormones, improving your digestion and more.
True transformation comes from eating, thinking and living better.

We’ll help you figure out which of the foods you love actually love you back,
and incorporate healthy choices into your daily routine. We work with you to focus on…

Physical Health

Find a way to change your relationship with food for the long-term. Lose weight (and keep it off forever!), fall asleep faster and for longer, improve digestion and manage your hormones so you finally LOVE what you see in the mirror every morning.

Practical Solutions

Take the stress out of deciding what to eat, meal planning and all the other headaches that come with traditional diet programs. Achieve your personal health targets without changing your routine or compromising on the things you love to do (and eat!).

Emotional Wellbeing

Associate your nutrition with confidence, positivity, and empowerment. Reduce stress, increase energy, find clarity and live a more positive life. Truly love your body (maybe for the first time!) without anxiety or guilt in the back of your mind.

You’re Not On This Journey Alone!

Here’s Why You Can Count
On Caven Nutrition...

At Caven Nutrition, it’s our mission to help you change your life for the better – for good! And we’re going to be with you every step of the way on your journey.

As award-winning nutritionists, we’ve been featured on CTV Morning Live, CTV News, Rogers Daytime Television, Huffington Post, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, 1310 News, CFRA News Radio, New Country 94, Chatelaine Magazine and Alive Magazine.

Why so popular? Because our approach is different to everything else out there. We base our programs on sustainable life changes that put YOU at the center of things. We’re going to give you the support and advice you actually need to get results.

With more than 30 years combined experience and thousands of happy clients, we’ve made it our goal to help people just like you break free of the diet mentality and the damaging effects of the weight loss industry.


You’re only one decision away from a totally different life. And that’s where we come in…
We’re ready to help you start your journey to the best you!

That’s Why So Many People
Trust Us With Their Nutrition!

" I had tried everything for the last three years to lose weight and instead of losing, I kept slowly gaining

I had tried everything for the last three years to lose weight and instead of losing, I kept slowly gaining...

" Follow her recommendations closely and you’ll notice improvements!

Rachel is great too! She’s cheerful, attentive and has friendly staff who are just as helpful. Follow her recommendations closely and you’ll notice improvements!

" Now I have to punch a new hole in my belt!

Listening to her advice and going weekly followup checks – with body composition testing – I did important changes to my diet, started to lose weight again right from the first week, and of course, reached my goal – 27 lbs total…

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To Your Team

At Caven Nutrition, we’re here to help you improve your staff’s nutrition, energy levels, overall health and productivity! We don’t just help individuals achieve their wellbeing goals, we work hand-in-hand with organizations of all sizes to boost performance and retention on a larger scale.

In our corporate speaking packages, we simplify the information around health and nutrition and make it easy to digest for your employees. So, if you’re interested in informative, entertaining and engaging speaking sessions – now’s the perfect time to start! We can help you change the food culture in your office and help your teams benefit from practical, realistic advice.

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