1. You will Feel Great!- Do you usually feel terrible when you are dieting? Or even worse, hungry? Learn how to feel great and still lose fat. The most common comment I get from my clients is that they can’t believe how good they feel or how much energy they have.

2. It’s Personalized– You are not exactly the same as the person sitting next to you, so why should your weight loss program be the exact same?

3. Receive a Complete Nutritional Assessment– Weight loss is more than just calories in and calories out. Have a Nutritionist assess your diet and symptoms questionnaire to determine if there are any system imbalances that could be hindering your weight loss efforts.

4. Body Composition Testing– Most weight loss programs only use your weight on the scale to determine success. This can be a very inaccurate indication of health. Bio-Impedance Analysis testing is the most accurate in body composition testing and will tell you how much fat mass you have lost as well as your water balance and overall hydration.

5. You get a Personal Nutritionist– Throughout the program your Nutritionist is only an email away whenever you have a question.

6. No Special Supplements or Food to Buy– Most weight loss programs make most of their money off the “extras” that you need to purchase for the program to work. On this program you can eat your own food and supplements will only be recommended for health improvement if absolutely necessary.

7. Education– Throughout the program you will learn how to be healthy, not just count calories or points. You and your family will benefit for years to come.

8. Motivation- You have weekly appointments to keep you accountable and help you overcome any obstacles you are facing.

9. Save you Money-Weight loss and supplement companies spend millions on marketing campaigns to try to convince you that their “get slim quick” products work. Your Nutritionist will tell you what actually works and what your body needs so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money on something that could actually be doing your body more harm than good.

10. Keep the weight off for good! – Once you learn how to eat the proper foods that nourish your body, the weight will naturally stay off. You will also be losing fat and not metabolically active muscle tissue so your body will not gain all of the weight back when the program is over. You will never DIEt again!