Sugar Cravings on CTV Morning Live

Rachel was on CTV Morning Live discussing ways to deal with sugar cravings. Catch the segment HERE!

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Grocery Bill in 2021

Rachel was recently interviewed by CTV News on easy ways to save money on your grocery bill. “With food prices expected to rise three to five per cent in 2021, an Ottawa nutritionist say there are a few simple things you can do to lower your grocery bill and eat healthy in the new year. […]

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Good Mood Foods on CTV Morning Live. Beat the Blahs with these tips!

Good Mood Food! With the days getting shorter and the evenings getting darker it is important that we do what we can to avoid SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is a depression associated with the lack of sun light that occurs in the autumn and winter. There are different degrees of this but it […]

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Easy and Manageable Diet and Health Resolutions for 2016!

We all want to start the year with healthy intentions. The best way to do so, is to make small changes and work your way to make them into lifelong habits. We have tips for this and an awesome brownie recipe for you to try! 1. Write down your why- It’s not enough to say […]

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Wondering what to do with Holiday leftovers? We have got you covered!

The holidays often leave us with extra food items and we have some awesome suggestions about what to do with them all! Chicken/ Turkey Soup in the Slow Cooker: Using the bones from your roasted chicken or turkey. Put the bones in slow cooker with enough water to half fill the slow cooker. Allow to […]

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Getting on Track and Making a Meal Plan for an Awesome Food Week on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Meal Plan your Way to Stardom A little planning can go a long away. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many recipes, pick a few and make larger batches to set you up for a lovely meal everyday. Large Batch Chili Ingredients • 2 pounds ground beef • 1 onion finely diced • 3 cloves of […]

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Smoothies on CFRA! Check out the Recipe from the segment and use as inspiration to make your own

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March is Nutrition month so we visited CFRA to talk about just one thing that can set you up for a healthier year! What can you add to a smoothie? 1. Proteins (hemp seeds, protein powder, chia seeds, greek yogurt) 2. Liquids water or ice or almond milk, coconut milk, or other milk alternatives. (Some […]

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To stick or not to stick? Nonstick Pans vs Stainless Steel

Our clients often ask about cookware. Nonstick pans are supposed to help with the clean up of cooking our food saving time, but there are other options. We try to always use stainless steel pans and add a little coconut oil to them or some water works well too. Nonstick chemicals that are used in […]

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Wondering how to beat the winter blahs? Find out on CTV Morning Live!

Beating the Winter Blues This -36 Degree weather is a bit much, right?! Learn simple techniques to boost your mood in these chilly winter months through proper food choices and lifestyle habits! This morning on CTV we discussed: 1) Good Mood Foods/Bad Mood Foods – Whole foods will make you happy vs. processed foods are […]

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Food Rich in B Vitamins can help you with winter stresses. Try some of these ideas today!

B Vitamins are needed for proper brain function and can help regulate mood! The B’s are also great for healthy skin, nails and hair! In our recent Huffington Post article you will find some foods that you should include in your diet to get a wide range of benefits. Our recent article for the Huffington […]

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