You Scream, I Scream, We all scream for Ice cream Alternatives!

Feeling Hot? If you do not tolerate dairy very well or looking for some other options- look no further and check out our: Ice cream Alternatives Banana Ice cream Ingredients: 1 frozen banana Instructions: Place banana in food processor and blend until smooth. Options: Chocolate peanut butter- add 1 TBS cocoa powder & 1 TBS […]

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Sugar Cravings on CTV Morning Live

Rachel was on CTV Morning Live discussing ways to deal with sugar cravings. Catch the segment HERE!

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How to Stop Snacking!

Rachel was live on CTV Morning Live from her home office discussing ways to stop snacking while working from home! Catch the segment HERE! For more great weight loss tips, check out our new Instagram @ReBootWeightLoss

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5 New Year’s Food Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

Watch the segment HERE!

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Canada’s Food Guide 2019 A Review on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Catch the segment

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How to Reboot Your Nutrition Habits in 2019- On CTV Ottawa Morning Live

If you’re looking to start your 2019 off right nutrition and lifestyle wise, we have a few tips to help you out! Reboot your Eating habits HERE Busting Nutrition Myths HERE

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Natural Food Pantry Ladies Night Recipes

Enjoy these Holiday themed recipes this season! Pomegranate Chicken & Squash Perfection INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup pomegranate juice 1/4 cup gluten free tamari 1 tbsp thai chili powder 1 tbsp green peppercorn ½ cup lemongrass (can use tea if cannot get it fresh) 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp dried coriander 1 inch piece fresh ginger peeled […]

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Healthier Poutine Ideas on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Can you make poutine healthier? YES! A basic poutine is comprised of a bed of delicious potato-based fries, gravy and cheese curds! While it tastes amazing, there are some side effects to be aware of after you consume this delicious delicacy. What can happen to your body: You will feel amazing from the dopamine! You’ll […]

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Bedtime Snacks- What are the best options? On CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

Flourless Chocolate Cake for you and the ones you Love

If you’re looking for a sugar-free, grain-free, chocolate rich option to share on LOVE DAY, this is it! Fantastic Flourless Cake Ingredients: -7 squares of unsweetened baking chocolate (200 grams or about 7 oz) -3/4 cup of coconut oil (plus more for greasing) -1 tbsp vanilla extract -5 whole eggs whisked -1/2 cup cocoa (We […]

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