Eat Better without Thinking

1.Snack on harder to eat things:

a. Nuts in shells

b. Cherries

c. Oranges

d. Corn on the cob (avoid/limit the butter)

e. Bonus- leaves visual evidence of how much you have eaten

2. Use smaller plates and utensils

a. Dessert plates, spoons

b. Chopsticks

3. Make a large salad and eat it all week

a. Veggies take a long time to chew- allows signals to your brain to say you are full

b. Add leafy greens, protein, fat, dressing

How to Avoid the “Freshman 15”

1. Get a mini fridge and kettle in dorm room

a. Keep healthy snacks on hand, bring a banana to class, an orange, an apple or peach

2. Eat Breakfast

a. Coffee after breakfast

b. Eat easy things, boiled eggs and avocado salad Recipe here
Overnight oats, just soak overnight and add the tasty things you love!

c. Make a smoothie!

3. Drink Water

a. Bring water bottle to class

4. Have veggies at each meal

a. Salad

b. Snack on fruit, nuts

c. Portion controlled snacks

5. Exercise/Sleep

1. Get in on the game! Get a yoga mat and do some workouts in your own room!

Watch the clips HERE:

Eat Better the easy way:

Avoid the Freshman 15!: