It’s the holidays and many of us are visiting friends and family. Some of this requires a road trip/plane trip and this can be a challenging time. Here are a few easy tips to follow for this busy season.


1. Pack Snacks with you on your way if you’re taking a car, train or bus.

– Clementines
– Apples
– Carrots
– Air popped organic popcorn in baggies

The plus of winter is that an ice pack and a cold trunk can go a long way in terms of storage of food!
Pack snacks for while you’re en route and for your destination. Be careful cucumbers freeze easily and so do mini tomatoes!
There are rest stops but ensure that you are choosing fruits or veggies if available. Chilies, soups and smoothies may be better depending on ingredients, and if available, but they can provide sustenance before you get to somewhere with better options.

2. Airport eating
Try to grab a salad and some protein. You can often get nuts, leafy greens and a banana. Often if you ask places for something that might be in a salad, for example carrot,s they may be able to sell them to you.

3. Rest Stop Rescue
Do not get a pastry because it’s a fast and easy fix. You’ll just spike you blood sugar and crash later feeling unwell.
Try bringing a Genuine Health Greens with you, we love the Vanilla Chai flavour. It’s filling and can be put in a water bottle and shaken up easily. It comes in a powder so just pack it before you go or bring the container!

4. What to drink?
It can be hard to remember to drink nothing but hot beverages, but try to drink water and herbal teas in addition to your coffee!

5.Bring some Vitamins with you to keep your routine up.
A multivitamin in clear bag in you checked baggage, should be fine for planes. That way you can at least do something to keep you in your routine.

6. Your Favorite Protein Powder in Shaker cup. You can also place it in any container and bring that with you.

This can go a long way when you are faced with no other options!