Are you having digestive issue and issues losing weight? You might be combining the incorrect foods without knowing.

Here is the scoop:

1. Burgers and Soda:
This is one of people’s favourite combos. The sugar in the beverage can cause you to crave more salty and unhealthy high fat foods, not to mention sugary foods. People don’t often eat burgers and soda and start craving avocados and kale. They are likely going to lean toward more unhealthy fats and simple refined sugar. Studies have shown that the sugar in pop makes you crave more sugar just like an addict.
Another downside is people forget they are consuming food when they have soda and continue not to watch what they eat for the rest of the day since it’s liquid non-nutritious food, that is easily forgotten.
It’s important to remember, when you crave soda it might actually be a caffeine craving as people forget soda contains caffeine. Just drink water if you are going to enjoy a burger.
*Studies that show that having a diet soda is a bit better does not talk about how they are both bad.

2. Salad and Fat free dressing:
You need the fat to feel full and to absorb the fat soluble nutrients like Vitamins A, D E and K. Building a good salad will mix healthy carbs like veggies, fats (full fat oil based dressing) or a whole avocado or olives and proteins like chicken or fish all together. When you eat a salad with fat free dressing you’re not going to feel full because there is not any fat in the meal. People will eat these types of salads and they go home and eat Oreos and a tub of ice-cream for dinner because of “eating well” all day.

3. Meat and Potatoes:
This is a classic combo, but not classic for perfect digestion. Meat takes longer to digest than potatoes so you are wreaking havoc on your body. You need stomach acid to digest the meat but the potatoes (and similar starches like peas or corn) need a more alkaline environment in the stomach. When the meat and starch of the potatoes are mixed, the body chemistry does not allow the two to mix and they no longer are being digested as the environment cannot be acidic or alkaline enough. This can lead to heartburn, gas and bloating among other unpleasant options. Better to combine you protein and leafy green veggies.

4. Wine and Dessert:
Your body will metabolize the wine first and store all the sugar as fat from your heavenly dessert, better to have the wine with the meal because the acidity will help digest the protein. Plus you might end of having more dessert than intended since you can make one glass of wine last awhile, but its harder to just eat one of something like brownies or eat a very small scoop of ice-cream at times. If you are going to have dessert have a very small portion and stop drinking the wine at the same time. It is much better to choose either wine or dessert so that you don’t end up giving your body two jobs of detox to do, alcohol and sugar.

5. Coffee and Muffin:
The sugar in the muffin and the caffeine in the coffee will spike your blood sugar and you will get spike in your blood sugar and crash, and ultimately and crave more sugar and caffeine possibly to wake yourself up. Sometimes you’re eating a cake in muffin’s clothing, especially if you are choosing something like a chocolate chip muffin and even a whole grain raspberry muffin carries 26 grams of sugar, but the words ‘whole grain’ reel you in. People will often add sugar to their coffee as well adding more trouble to this sugary combo.
If you are making healthier homemade muffins using whole grains flours and berries it could be a different story, but most regular coffee shop muffins are not doing you any favours. A balanced breakfast would include a healthy protein, carb and fat serving which you can get from a smoothie, or from an omelette.