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I studied Bio-Medical Sciences at the University of Guelph, graduating with honours. I then went on to study Nutrition at CSNN and graduated in 2009. I started my business shortly after graduating. I rented an office in a Chiropractor’s office, spent a lot of money on a website, ordered business cards, and tried to figure out how to get clients. I traveled across the country trying to learn from (the very few) Nutritionists who were actually successful. It was a rough year, but I was (naively) optimistic!


I finally got some traction at the beginning of 2011 when my clients were getting amazing results, and I had a waiting list of people wanting to book with me. This is also the year I had my son, became a single mom, and went back to work when he was 5 months old (because there is no maternity leave for the self-employed). Thankfully, I was able to quickly build up my business again to the point where I was able to rent my own office in 2012! I vividly remember how amazing it was to know I was in the right place and doing exactly what I was supposed to do- help others.


The business kept growing to the point where we needed more space. We moved into a location with 2 offices and a waiting room with a small nutrition store. This had always been my dream to be able to stock products that I love, so they were easily accessible to my clients. In 2016, we moved into a larger space again and brought on other practitioners such as therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, and a Naturopathic Doctor. We were also able to host group programs in this new location to help even more people.


In 2017, I won a Forty Under 40 Business Award. My son accepted the award with me, which I felt was fitting because he has been there through it all with me. He is my biggest fan. We also opened up a downtown office which was wildly successful.


In 2018, we added an online portion to our business. Years ahead of the WFH Covid era, we knew we could help more people outside of Ottawa. We also really refined our programs in these years and figured out what was getting our clients the best results, and created our famous ReBoot Program. Thankfully, we were able to transition online easily during lockdowns and still get our clients amazing results!


We have the best team of the most talented Nutritionists in the industry (I call them the Dream Team) and have worked with 1000’s of clients helping them to feel their best with easy nutrition. I now teach other Nutritionists how to give their clients the best possible results, which is why I created the Nutrition Business School. Being able to support people is something that I love doing, and now with other Nutritionists needing support in their own timeline stories, I am excited to be able to do that. There is no other Nutritionist Coaching Program available like this!

meet the team

Rachel Caven

Nutritionist, Clinic Director

Ottawa’s Expert Weight Loss Nutritionist, specializing in

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Jenni Beharry

Nutritionist, BA, NNCP

Specializes in- Weight loss, Hormones, Digestion, Teenagers

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Jordan Fudge

Nutritionist- CNP, NNCPr

Specializes in- Weight loss, Hormones

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Caddy Ledbetter

Nutritionist- RHN, NNCP

Specializes in- Weight loss, Menopause, Family Nutrition

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Andrea Maxwell

Client Care Specialist AKA The Client-Nutritionist Matchmaker

Specializes in- Weight loss, Menopause, Family Nutrition

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