1. Eat something healthy before you go– Have a small snack before going to the party so you aren’t ravenous when you arrive. This way you can make better choices at the buffet.

2. Bring something healthy– If you are going to a potluck, bring a healthy dish with you, preferably one that can act as a meal (example: mixed bean salad) so you know you will be able to eat something healthy.

3. Scan the buffet table before you grab a plate– Doing so will allow you to see all of the options and decide which ones are the best for you. Otherwise, you may end up with a huge plate by the time you get to the end.

4. Fill up on veggies– Most buffets or appetizers will include a vegetable tray. Snacking on fruits and veggies will leave less room for less nutritious items.

5. Eat a meal– Avoid grazing the entire evening and instead grab a plate and fill it at least ½ with veggies, and make sure you have a serving of lean protein (turkey!). Then go sit down and eat it at a table and enjoy it. This way you will end up eating a healthier meal AND feeling more satisfied with it, compared to grazing on appetizers all night.

6. Wait before getting seconds– It takes 20 minutes for your mind to realize that your stomach’s full. Don’t get up to get seconds right away, chances are you won’t need them.
7. Don’t hang around the food table- Once you’re done eating stay far away from the buffet table or kitchen (unless you’re helping clean up) to prevent grazing.

8. Watch your beverages– Most alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories and sugar. Not to mention the fact that your judgement will be impaired after a few.

9. Eat dessert!- Yes, you read that right. Eat a dessert, but not ten. You don’t have to try every cookie, square, and piece of cake. Instead choose the one dessert that you want the most (like your grandma’s homemade pie) enjoy it, and don’t go back for seconds. Keep the portion size reasonable; don’t be shy about asking to have half a piece.