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This complimentary call helps you determine which program and nutritionist is the best fit for you and your goals. In a 60-minute call with a member of our team, we’ll discuss not only where you’re at, but where you’d like to be and we’ll decide together if you would benefit from a nutritional program tailored to YOU!

Personalized Programs That Consistently Achieve Life-Changing Results

From the first phone call I know Rachel and Jenni were the kind of people I wanted to work on my health and well-being with. Over the last 4 years (yes I've been with them that long) I've lost weight, have better athletic performance, feel great about my body and my skin is SO much better!

Mary Anne Ivision, Host at New Country 94

I lost 40 pounds and I feel better than I have in the years. I am maintaining my new weight and know hat to do when a few pounds creep back on me. My cholesterol levels are perfect and I no longer suffer from iron deficiency. I no longer worry about the roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss.


I had tried so many things already, and nothing ever helped me to reach my goals in a realistic and sustainable wway. By the time I met Rachel I was pretty frustrated and did not have a lot of confidence in my ability to succeed in this. Rachel never doubted for a second that I was capable of following her plan and achieving my goals.

I am gratful that I met Rachel when I was on the verge of giving up. Thanks to her, now I know what I am capable of and there is no looking back.


I can honestly say that on of the best decisions I ever made was contacting the wonderful people at Caven Nutrition..

I have tried other weight loss programs and while they worked temporarily, the weren't realistic lifestyle changes for the long run. I needed something that would not only change HOW I eat, but one that would teach me WHY some foods work for me and why some don't. It was important to me that I didn't become consumed with counting calories or points each and every day - that's no way to live.


Thanks to Caven Nutrition Group, and especially to Jenni. I was able to achieve the most amazing transformation in a few months.

Today, not only have I lost those annoying extra pounds that gave me such a hard time in the past, but I've also improved my health in many ways... and kept the weight off!


I'd like to say how Rachel's Program has changed my life! Not only do I look and feel better, I now have the tools and knowledge to keep it up.


Every Person Is Unique…
You Deserve a Program Built Just For You!

If you’ve tried the fad diets, juice cleanses, workout
plans, or magic pills and have never seen lasting results,
it’s not because you didn’t try hard enough. It’s because
those diets weren’t made to be sustainable.

Restricting yourself, focussing on all the things you can’t
have, or labeling food as “bad” is not going to give you
long-lasting success. What it really does is take all the
joy out of food, leaving you hungry and unsatisfied.

Having a plan built with you, for you, ensures that your
plan fits your life, not the other way around. Stress,
lifestyle, hormones, sleep, all affect how your body will
lose weight. Having a plan that looks at ALL of you, not
just one part of you, makes weight loss not only
attainable but sustainable.

Can you really trust a weight-loss nutrition program to build a
program specifically for you... without even speaking to you?!

At Caven Nutrition, you’re not just another client or a number, you’re a person
with a whole life that comes with its own unique history and set of challenges.

In this FREE consultation, we take the time to get to know you, your specific
situation, and your goals. Only then can we help you take the first step on your
journey to looking and feeling your best.

In This FREE Assessment, We’ll Shine Some Light On
Your Nutrition & Discuss Your Personal Health Goals

Here’s what’s going to happen…

1. First, we’ll discuss where you’re at now

Nutrition programs only work if they have an intimate understanding
of YOU as a person. That’s why we dive deeper into your goals,
health concerns, health history, medications or supplements,
favourite foods, cravings and so much more. Everything we do at
Caven is tailored to your individual needs.

2. First, we’ll discuss where you’re at now

We’ll talk about where you are with your current nutrition and eating
habits so we can get a real feel for the journey you’re on. With this
information, we’ll be able to suggest which (if any!) of our programs
is right for you and what the best course of action might be for
achieving the best results for you.

3. We’ll work out if and how we can help

Once we’ve learned more about your current situation and eating
habits, we’ll be able to make a call as to whether Caven Nutrition is
really the right option for your specific needs. Our goal is to figure
out what’s best for you - even if it’s not us! We’ll direct you to a
suitable practitioner that we know and trust.

4. We’ll figure out the next steps

If we can help and you’re ready to reach your goals, we'll get you
started right away! You can join one of our programs and meet with
your own personal nutritionist. You’ll have a plan and all the support
you need to start making progress with confidence!

So, If You’re Finally Ready To...

  • Learn the best ways to lose weight (and
    keep it off for good!)
  • Understand more about your habits and
    your hormones
  • Get a personalized plan for improving your
    health and nutrition
  • Start your journey to feeling comfortable
    and confident in your skin

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