Detoxing after a Long Weekend

The best part about detoxing after a long weekend is that your body has already gotten to work for you, processing those extra glasses of alcohol from the weekend. Just because our body is already getting to work detoxifying doesn’t mean we can’t give them an extra helping hand with just a couple simple tweaks to your daily routine this week.

1. Hydrate: get back to sipping water throughout the day. Aim for 1.5-2 liters of water a day helping to get your hydration levels back up. While you will be sipping plain water throughout the day it is a good idea to start your day with warm lemon water to get that metabolism revved up and to help your body get back to a more alkaline state.
2. Although after a long weekend you might be interested in kicking it into high gear with the coffee and caffeine. Problem with this is that these extra cups of coffee are dehydrating, so in order to still get that caffeine to keep you going, switching to green tea for the next day or two will keep that metabolism going and give you an extra hit of antioxidants in order to continue providing you with some assistance to detoxification.
3. Using Green Juice and green smoothies will help give you a big dose of antioxidants, while providing your body with a digestive break so it can spend more time on detox duty.
4. Boost the power of those green drinks with big meal sized salads. Steering clear of red meat and sticking to leaner lighter meats and lots of vegetables will support digestive juices and liver and kidney detoxification.
5. Sleep – magnesium supplements will assist in providing you with what is probably a much needed rest, plus it will help with eliminating and getting your back on a regular bowel movement schedule.

Grilled Chicken Berry Salad (1 large serving or 2 small salads)

3 Cups dark leafy lettuce or kale or spinach
4 oz grilled chicken breast
¾ cup mixed berries, such as blueberries, raspberries or blackberries
2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp basil, sliced into ribbons
1 tbsp avocado oil or EVOO
1 tbsp lemon
Salt and Pepper

1. Wash and dry lettuce and place in your serving bowl.
2. Chop the grilled chicken, add to the salad bowl.
3. Top with berries, pumpkin seeds and 2 tbsp of dressing and enjoy.

Berry Green Smoothie: (serves 1)
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 banana, fresh or frozen
½ cup fresh spinach
½ cup fresh kale
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup water or coconut water
½ cup ice cubes

1. Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth.
2. You can add more ice or more liquid (water or coconut water) depending on your preferred consistency, then enjoy!

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