Sugary Summer Drinks, who needs them? Not you! 

You never want to drink your calories so here are some alternatives to help you make the right choice when you want to cool off.

Drinks to Avoid

·      Sweetened beverages- sugar, glucose-fructose

·      Artificially sweetened, coloured or flavoured beverages

·      Soda, diet soda

·      Gatorade, sports drinks

·      Mio/Crystal light

Ways to get more Water

·      Flavour with lemon, lime, orange, etc

·      Make your own ice tea by brewing it overnight in the fridge or simply add a tea bag to your water bottle

·      Sweeten with stevia, xylitol or honey if needed

·      Add Chlorophyll- detoxifies, great for body odour or bad breath, can be apple or mint flavoured

 Great Alternatives to keep your summer COOL:

·      Instead of pop or coolers drink Kombucha – a fermented beverage that is fizzy and great for your digestive system!

·      Instead of sports drinks, use coconut water which is a better source of electrolytes.

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