If you are wondering how to make the switch to more natural cleaning products, here are some tips!

1. All purpose Cleaning
Many of the ingredients needed for creating an all-purpose cleaning solution might already exist in you kitchen. The cleaning products we currently have in our homes are a toxic and have those little skull and cross bones on them. Gloves are needed and many should not come into contact with skin. Using more natural products lowers the toxic overload our bodies endure during cleaning. This way you end up saving money as well! All can end up entering you bloodstream so you want to be cleaning with items that are non-toxic.

All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Essential Oils ( if wanted you use tea tree or lemon)
Citrus Peels
Mason Jar with lid
Spray bottle

Let mason jar sit with vinegar and peels for up to 2 weeks but 5 days is fine or when the peels start to lose colour. Once ready strain out the peel and keep the liquid. It will likely be dark in colour.

2. Glass Cleaner
Gone are the days of the blue glass cleaner! You can make your own at home. One of the most effective uses of flyers or newspapers once you have finished reading them is using them to help clean glass!

Glass Cleaner
2 cups of water
5 drops of essential oil of your choice

Mix and put into a spray bottle!

3. Natural Home Air Freshener!
Try an alternative to a glade plug in or a scented candle. Many people are sensitive and have no idea. The synthetic smell of vanilla in candles can give some people headaches. These solutions can be simmered on the stove for the holidays and the mixtures can have endless combinations.

1.Sliced oranges
Cinnamon Sticks
Some slices of ginger
Vanilla extract

2.Cinnamon sticks

Vanilla extract
1 sliced lemon

4. Dryer sheets
Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain some of the most carcinogenic chemicals

In some dryer sheets the ingredients are 95% synthetic!
The EWG ( Environmental Working Group) looked at 171 fabric softeners and of them 83.3% of them received a D or F rating.
If you think about the waxy coating of a dryer sheet it ends up on your clothes giving it the scent but then it ends up touching your skin and enters your bloodstream. These chemicals do not rinse away. They can lead to central nervous system disorders, nausea, headaches, severe skin irritations and allergies, kidney damage and loss of muscle coordination. Just an example of 2 at least 10 carcinogenic chemicals in different brands are benzyl acetate and A- terpineol which have links to cancer and lung irritations.

Better options include:

-Wool Dryer balls ( can use up to 500 times and are much less expensive then dryer sheets long term!)
-Hard dryer balls
-Can add essential oils to wool and the static is reduced by the clothes rubbing together less because the balls act as spacers!

Will show each option!

5. Fast tips And your Grocery Essentials are:

-Lemons : juice neutralizes odours

-White vinegar can be placed in the dishwasher to help rid of musty odours

-Baking soda is also great to sprinkle on carpets to help with deodorizing and can be used as a great natural oven cleaner!

-Best antiseptic/ antifungal essential oils are tea tree, lavender and clove

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