Jenni Beharry


Jenni Beharry – Weight Loss Counselor, Natural Nutrition-Clinical Practitioner (NNCP)- Clinic Manager & Culinary Nutrition Expert (She/Her)

Culinary Nutrition Expert, Weight Loss Counselor,Client Relations, What doesn’t this girl do?

Jenni is the kindest, most caring, and most energetic person you’ll ever meet. She loves to organize, be creative and she loves helping clients realize their full potential. After a meeting with Rachel her interest in what went into her body really changed, for the better. Jenni’s goal is to help as many people as possible feel better in their own bodies.

She has worked with a wide range of clients in her career, working with a past as a video project manager and working for promotions. She has a keen interest in health and nutrition and wants everyone to understand the healing power of real food.

When Jenni isn’t organizing, scheduling, creating recipes, or talking weight loss and helping clients, she loves to bake and create recipes. Jenni loves tennis, dancing (despite not being very good), tobogganing in the winter and rolling down hills in the summer.

Jenni has a keen interest in hormonal health & digestive health. Jenni is a FODMAPS master and has worked with many woman with endometriosis and adenomyosis as well as PCOS. Focusing on eating disorders in both men and women is a passion when helping people better understand themselves and change the narrative how they view themselves and the food they eat.

She also volunteers at Camp Quality yearly with a bunch of the sweetest kids and teens you’ll ever meet as well as at the Good Companions Seniors Centre. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, she loves the city and the people in it. She loves to live in a city that has the convenience of a 24 hour grocery store while also having a place to go for a nature hike and maybe spot a fox!

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Specialization: Weight Loss, Hormonal Health, Digestion, Fertility, Anxiety & Eating Disorders

Education: Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner NNCP, Culinary Nutrition Expert Training Certification with Honours 2014, 2009 Television Broadcasting Diploma Dean's List, 2007 Carleton University Honours Undergraduate, Geography BA minor in Anthropology

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