Caddy Ledbetter

Nutritionist- RHN, NNCP

Specializes in – Weight Loss, Digestion, Menopause, Hormones and Family Nutrition

Caddy Ledbetter is a Nutritionist with a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term health goals and better understand their bodies.

Caddy offers highly personalized support to all of her clients. She is compassionate, patient and kind. She uses her love of research and learning to benefit of all her clients and their very distinct needs.

Always with the goal of keeping dietary and lifestyle changes sustainable, fun, and personalized, Caddy’s focus is on helping people improve their health and also understand why!

Caddy is motivated by her own history of hormonal and digestive issues and has used this personal experience to help so many clients in different stages of their lives.

When Caddy isn’t helping her clients – you can find her devouring books, singing in a real life band, caring for her coworkers, bewitching her children, cheering her friends, and dancing weirdly.

Q&A with Caddy


  • What are your favourite foods? sauerkraut, cooked greens, hummus/tahini, fish/seafood, fries and mayo, red wine
  • What’s one food that you hate, but most nutritionists love? Chickpeas — even though I love hummus!?
  • What brings you joy? Back-country camping, portaging, canoeing, hiking, anything in the wilderness brings me so much joy. Also skiing, making fun of myself, my family, and my job!
  • Favourite way to stay active? Walking/hiking, short HIIT workouts, dancing (which isn’t pretty, but makes me smile)
  • What do you love about working for Caven Nutrition? The inspiration, expertise, and support I receive daily from this incredibly devoted and compassionate team, and the great honor of working with amazing clients who teach me so much about vulnerability, courage, and perseverance.
  • Favorite Movie? Cinema Paradiso
  • Fave Book? Love In The Time of Cholera
  • Quote? “Everything brings you somewhere, and then, there you are.”


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