Jenni Beharry

Nutritionist, BA, NNCP

Specializes in – Weight Loss, Digestion, Hormones, Fertility, Youth Nutrition and Eating Disorder Recovery

jenni Jenni is the kindest, most caring, and most energetic person you’ll ever meet. She loves to organize, be creative and she loves helping clients realize their full potential. After a meeting with Rachel her interest in what went into her body really changed, for the better. Jenni’s goal is to help as many people as possible feel better in their own bodies.

She has worked with a wide range of clients in her career. She has a keen interest in health and nutrition and wants everyone to understand the healing power of real food.

When Jenni isn’t laughing, creating recipes, or talking about nutrition and helping clients, she loves to bake and spend tons of time outside. Jenni loves tennis, dancing (despite not being very good), tobogganing in the winter, and rolling down hills in the summer.

Jenni has a keen interest in hormonal health & digestive health. Jenni is a FODMAPS master and has worked with many women with endometriosis and adenomyosis as well as PCOS. Focusing on eating disorders in both men and women is a passion when helping people better understand themselves and change the narrative of how they view themselves and the food they eat.

She also volunteers at Camp Quality yearly with a bunch of the sweetest kids and teens you’ll ever meet as well as at the Good Companions Seniors Centre. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, she loves the city and the people in it. She loves to live in a city that has the convenience of a 24-hour grocery store while also having a place to go for a nature hike and maybe spot a fox!

Q&A with Jenni

  • What are your favourite foods? Dried mango, plantains, green beans, roasted brussels sprouts, trout, date squares, squash of all kinds, tempeh, chocolate and the cheese even though it does not love me back!
  • What’s one food that you hate, but most nutritionists love? Prunes! Why? Ack!
  • What brings you joy? Good lighting and being cozy. Warm fires/the smell of a campfire, the forest, and people who make me laugh. Summer nights when the sun sets at 10 pm!  And I’ve never seen a rainbow I didn’t LOVE.
  • Favourite way to stay active? Barre & second to that is yoga. Exercise is one of my favourite things to do with other people, I love running and being outside!
  • What do you love about working for Caven Nutrition? I love working at Caven Nutrition because of the clients I have the privilege of caring for. Helping someone identify their own patterns and understand their own bodies is truly remarkable. They’re all amazing people who want to feel their best- so they can be their best! Our team is so supportive and I love that we get to work so closely together to help all our clients!
  • Favourite Movie? E.T, it has laughter, adventure and more!
  • Fave Book? The Art of Racing in the Rain
  • Fave Band? Florence & the Machine
  • Quote? “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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