Jordan Fudge

Nutritionist- CNP, NNCP

Specializes in – Weight Loss, Digestion, Hormones, Addiction and Mental Health


First things first, Jordan wants it to be known she does not particularly care for fudge, despite her last name, but she does not discriminate; chocolate is much preferred!

Jordan’s life purpose is to help others get their health back and learn how to maintain their improved lifestyles. Her passion for nutrition and all things health stems from her past; working in social services, serving vulnerable communities and those struggling with addictions and mental health.

Today, Jordan is a part of the Caven Nutrition team, helping individuals learn to appreciate their unique biology & bodies, and find joy in healthy eating (it doesn’t have to be all about kale and mung beans) and helping each client reach a healthier space. Jordan stands by Caven Nutrition’s sustainable and realistic approach, stripping the labels of fad diets and focusing on a personalized method, while considering all facets of health (physical, mental, and emotional).

If you don’t see Jordan at Caven Nutrition laughing with clients or making meal plans, Jordan is creating recipes in the kitchen, tending to her plants, spending time with her family and fuzzy puppy!

Whether you’re partial to fudge or not, book a call with Jordan to see if Caven Nutrition is the right fit for you!

Q&A with Jordan


  • What are your favourite foods? Chocolate, avocado, and ice cream (although it doesn’t like me very much)! And anything curry-related – red, green, yellow, rainbow, etc.
  • What’s one food that you hate, but most nutritionists love? Tempeh, I will never learn to love it.
  • What brings you joy? Being with my family and endless hugs, birds singing and ridiculous summer heat (like a wet blanket of humidity).
  • Favourite way to stay active? I try not to see exercise as a chore, instead, the greatest support for my mental health. Going for walks with a loved one is my perfect opportunity for endless chatter and catching up, or a much-needed moment of peace and serenity. If I can go for a hike and experience a new part of nature, this is my favorite thing to do. I also enjoy doing yoga and pretending I know what I’m doing!
  • What do you love about working for Caven Nutrition? Our family dynamic as a team and watching our clients transform mentally, physically, and emotionally. Supporting our clients through the wild world of weight loss/fad diets; sifting through the toxic culture that’s been created and helping individuals learn how to eat for the rest of their lives (because let’s face it, we spend a good majority of our lives eating – we deserve to learn how, what, when, why, where is best in terms of nutrition and health).
  • Favourite Movie? Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Quote?
    “most importantly love like it’s the only thing you know how
    at the end of the day all this
    means nothing
    this page
    where you’re sitting
    your degree
    your job
    the money
    nothing even matters
    except love and human connection
    who you loved
    and how deeply you loved them
    how you touched the people around you
    and how much you gave them”- Rupi Kaur


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