Natasha Onley

Nutritionist & Wellness Chef

Specializes in Family Nutrition, Pre/Post-Natal Health,
Sports Nutrition and Specified Menu Planning and Healthy Cooking Classes (She/Her)


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Bringing passion into the kitchen, Natasha aims to teach you how to nourish your family with wholesome, nutritious foods while addressing all of your health needs.

Natasha focuses on the functional relationship of the body as a whole, assisting in building overall wellness and achieving balance and vitality. Natasha’s goal is to guide you and your family toward a path of health through encouragement, simple lifestyle changes, and custom meal planning. By focusing on nutrient dense whole foods, simple stress reduction techniques, and practical strategies for wellness, Natasha will inspire you toward a healthier lifestyle.

With a special interest in family and pediatric nutrition, Natasha believes first and foremost in preventative care from birth into adulthood. By nourishing your child with the best foods for their genetic requirements from the start, you are more likely to avoid the common childhood conditions such as colic, allergies, ear infections, eczema, and asthma.
Through education and empowerment, simple diet and lifestyle changes can allow your baby and entire family to thrive and live optimally.

Natasha began her post-secondary education in the field of health by studying Kinesiology at York University, followed by an exhilarating year of Culinary School at Humber College in 2006. Becoming increasingly interested in nutrition and the importance of both flavour and the quality of foods for optimal health, Natasha then enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, graduating as a Holistic Nutritionist with first class honours in 2012. A self-professed foodie, Natasha loves to experiment with nutritious ingredients in the kitchen, creating delicious recipes and sharing them with others.

As a passionate public speaker and educator, Natasha has experience in conducting nutrition workshops, teaching healthy cooking classes, and speaking at local events in the community. She has written inspiring articles on health and wellness, recently published in FE Health & Fitness Magazine, and appeared in numerous cooking and recipe demo videos on YouTube.

If she’s not busy reading a cookbook, cooking up a storm or researching the latest health news, Natasha is busy training for a marathon or tending to her vegetable garden (even though she can’t seem to find her green thumb).


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