Samantha Nixon

Nutritionist, CNP



After years of experiencing her own health and weight struggles, Sam was determined to create the best version of herself. After researching many different avenues, she decided to enroll at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where she fully immersed herself in her studies. It was The Institute of Holistic Nutrition that connected Sam with Rachel and since then, she’s devoted herself to the mission of Caven Nutrition.

In addition to her nutrition-based education, Sam has over ten years of management experience with a focus on client relations, operations and marketing. With a knack for training, finding solutions and communicating, Sam is committed to providing the perfect experience to each and every client.

“Connecting and interacting with each other should be done with care, with patience and with empathy. Every time we connect with someone, we have the ability to positively influence their journey. It’s my goal to offer help and support to each and every person that crosses my path.
I want to make a difference in their life. I want to remember them and I want them to remember me.” – Sam

When she’s not researching something nutrition related, reading through her book collection or creating recipes in the kitchen, you will find her at the barn riding horses or spending time with her husband and son.

Q&A with Sam


  • What are your favourite foods? Chocolate, raspberries, lychees & shrimp
  • What’s one food that you hate, but most nutritionists love? Tahini
  • What brings you joy? My family, my dog, sunset swims in the lake!
  • Favourite way to stay active? Long walks with my family
  • What do you love about working for Caven Nutrition? I love the people that I get to work with everyday. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. I love sharing my passion for nutrition and having the opportunity to help others.


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