Jordan Fudge


Jordan Fudge, Weight Loss Nutritionist, CNP, NNCP,
Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (She/Her)

Who is Jordan?

First things first, Jordan wants it to be known she does not like fudge, despite her last name, but she does not discriminate; chocolate is much preferred. She is a very normal human Nutritionist who doesn’t just eat kale and mung beans!

Jordan’s life purpose is to help others get their health back and learn how to maintain their improved lifestyles. Her passion for nutrition and all things health stems from her past; working in social services, serving vulnerable communities and those struggling with addictions and substance abuse.

Today, Jordan is a part of the Caven Nutrition team, helping clients lose weight and stay healthy, learning to appreciate their unique biology & bodies, and find joy in healthy eating. Jordan stands by Caven Nutritions sustainable & realistic approach. Most importantly, she continues to help the community optimize their health – physically and mentally.

If you don’t see Jordan at Caven Nutrition laughing with clients, making meal plans, and day dreaming of dancing vegetables, Jordan is tending to her plants, spending time with her nieces and nephews (she is the cool Aunt), or otherwise, petting neighbourhood dogs.

Whether you’re partial to fudge or not, book a call with Jordan to see if Caven Nutrition is the right fit for you!

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Specialization: Weight Loss & Hormonal Health

Education: Applied Holistic Nutrition (The Institute of Holistic Nutrition) BA Criminology concentration in Psychology (Carleton University) Trauma & Addictions (Algonquin College)

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