Good nutrition really can change your life! You don’t need to hear it from us, listen to some of our satisfied clients:



Meeting with Rachel in June 2014 was going to be my last attempt at losing weight. I figured if she couldn’t help me, then I was meant to be the size and shape I was in. I had tried so many things already, and nothing ever helped me to reach my goals in a realistic and sustainable way. By the time I met Rachel I was pretty frustrated and did not have a lot of confidence in my ability to succeed in this. Rachel never doubted for a second that I was capable of following her plan and achieving my goals.

As a busy working professional, I knew making changes would take time and effort, but I needed something simple that I could keep up over time. The BEST thing was that even though I had to track my intake, I never once had to count calories. This was a huge time saver compared to other plans I had followed in the past. It allowed me to focus on the bigger picture. I did have to read labels, measure my portions in the beginning, and write everything down. Keeping on plan also involved planning ahead but it was all within reason. Rachel kept me motivated throughout and I got some great recipes along the way.

6 months later I have stayed on track, and I feel great. My weight and fat mass are down, I have gone from a size 12 to a size 8, and none of my old pants fit. I feel good about myself. The best part is that although I still need to track, I am instinctively making good choices and don’t feel “deprived.” My relationship with my food is positive and has evolved a great deal.

I am grateful that I met Rachel when I was on the verge of giving up. Thanks to her, now I know what I am capable of and there is no looking back.

Jen BG


I can honestly say that one of the best decisions I ever made was contacting the wonderful people at Caven Nutrition.

I have tried other weight loss programs and while they worked temporarily, they weren’t realistic lifestyle changes for the long run. I needed something that would not only change HOW I eat, but one that would teach me WHY some foods work for me and why some don’t. It was important to me that I didn’t become consumed with counting calories or points each and every day – that’s no way to live.

Jenni took me under her wing and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. She worked with me through our one-on-one meetings to teach me about good food vs bad foods, the science behind foods etc. She put together a wonderful binder that is so helpful and a key to my success. The support and guidance from Jenni is invaluable.

I have lost 47 lbs (and counting) so far and I’m almost at my goal of 60lbs gone. I finally fit into my skinny jeans again and more importantly, I feel like myself again. No more brain fog, no more afternoon slumps, no more sugar cravings, and my energy levels are back. I feel great.
Best decision ever!- Jen

Dayli M

Thanks to Caven Nutrition Group, and especially to Jenni, I was able to achieve the most amazing transformation in a few months!
After countless diets, many hours of cardio per week, and a brand or two of weight-loss pills that helped me in no way, I was giving up on ever losing any of my extra pounds. But, after a few visits to the doctor for digestive issues and mysterious abdominal pain, I decided a needed to get some help. I found Caven Nutrition online and sent them an email which initiated a very productive and friendly relationship that exceeded all my expectations.
Today, not only have I lost those annoying extra pounds that gave me such a hard time in the past, but I’ve also improved my health in many ways… and kept the weight off! I’ve learned many new ways to enjoy food. My pain has never come back and I feel more energetic and strong.
Since I couldn’t stop talking about how much better I was feeling, my family and some of my friends decided to join me in the nutritional changes I was making. All for similar results with Jenni, she is truly amazing. I’m not only bringing more of my family members to her care, but will always recommend her and the Group to all who may ask. 🙂


I had tried everything for the last three years to lose weight and instead of losing, I kept slowly gaining. I happened upon Rachel’s website and made an appointment, hoping that something – anything – would work. I love that Rachel just tells you what to do, and you do it. No brain work necessary. I stuck to her plan religiously, and I saw results immediately. I lost just over thirty pounds over about three months and six months later I’ve kept it off with minimal effort. I kicked some nasty habits (drinking pop) and my heart burn, which used to be regular, hardly comes around anymore. Rachel’s plan was simple and so easy to follow. I honestly can’t say enough great things about the program and Rachel – it was life changing.

Sylvie H.

I began seeing Rachel in early June 2017, with my primary goal being to lose about 35 lbs. I also wanted to get my Celiac disease under control, and just feel better. Although Rachel agreed these were great goals, she suggested that the order of priority should be changed a bit: heal my gut first, work on sleeping better and feeling better, then the weight will just drop on its own (“trust me!”, she said).

Six months and 32 lbs. later, I have discovered just how right she was! This was not a diet, but a life-altering experience. It was a journey to a better understanding of the importance of good nutrition and supplementation in my overall health and well-being. So many of my health issues and discomforts have disappeared (debilitating gastro-intestinal upset, brain fog, depression, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, vitamin D, iron and B12 deficiencies, low energy, acne). I’ve lost over 30 inches off my body (at key measuring points), and have gone from wearing a Size 14 to a Size 4! And although these are impressive numbers, what I truly learned to appreciate was the fact that my fat and lean mass percentages are now in the “ideal” zone.

Rachel and her team provided me with an individualized eating plan (which was specifically tailored to manage my gluten intolerance), suggestions for high-quality supplementation, delicious recipes and weekly one-on-one coaching and support to help me realize my goals. What’s more, they responded to my questions by e-mail on weekends and after-hours, particularly when I was dealing with a set-back or just had a question that couldn’t wait until my next appointment.

I am a walking billboard for Caven Nutrition, and I have sent along their website address to countless friends and colleagues who asked me how I managed this amazing transformation. Thanks to Rachel and Jenni, I have my body back, but more importantly, I have my health and happiness back


My experience at Caven Nutrition has been amazing! I have been trying to lose weight on my own since my teens, with little success, when I decided to get some help. Luckily, the very first people I reached out to were Rachel and Jenni. They are sensitive, kind, so professional, and above all they are 100% committed to my health and weight loss goals. This is not a one-size-fits-all program, the nutrition and diet counseling are entirely based on my individual needs, it truly feels like I am part of a team and we are on this weight loss journey together. I definitely recommend Caven Nutrition, they will give you the tools that you need to be healthier, feel better, reach whatever nutrition or health-based goals you might have.


I would highly recommend Caven Nutrition! I was suffering from some specific food sensitivities and had seen other nutritionists and medical professionals that were unable to help me. Jenni and Rachel were a god send for me! They immediately established an action plan to restore my health and created a specific diet for me that took into account my numerous sensitivities. I was so impressed by the incredible one on one attention and counseling they provided me during this time. It was invaluable to me to have all their support as I navigated this new lifestyle of healthier living. I highly recommend Caven Nutrition to anyone struggling with food sensitivities, weight management or that wants to live a healthier lifestyle! You ladies rock!


I have really enjoyed the experience so far. Having that accountability has really helped keep me on the right path. Also just all the answers to questions and support and peace of mind to trust in the process has been a huge intangible.


With an abundance of diets, programs and/or pills claiming to guarantee weight loss, rest assured that you will achieve realistic results with the support of Rachel and her team. Rachel is exceptionally knowledgeable and she supports her words with lots of concrete materials to facilitate your journey be it struggles with IBS, food allergies and/or weight loss. The most beneficial aspect of meeting with Rachel has been her ability to listen to your concerns and to then customize a plan that best suits your situation. As a client, I was able to trust Rachel and be open to change the ways in which I was eating and be willing to accept a new way of approaching foods. Rachel presents herself in a very positive and professional matter all the while, supporting you along your journey. It is safe to say, that by including Rachel as part of your plan, your goals are achievable!

Julie Daoust

Hi Rachel,
I just wanted to send you a message to thank you. I went to see you over two years ago (fall of 2012) in view of my upcoming marriage. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose (about 20 lbs) but I was definitely not well versed in how to eat/hyrdrate properly and did not feel as well as I should have.
I can honestly now say that you have changed my life. Everything you taught me about the importance of drinking water and healthy eating has made a dramatic change of my life. I feel amazing everyday and have not gained back any of the weight (although I am now expecting so that will likely change).
Thank you again!

Heather C

I came to Rachel to learn what to eat to lose weight and reduce stress. I had just experienced a few years of stress that had led to weight gain that I could not get rid of.

The weekly body analysis was excellent in showing me my progress. I gained an understanding of how the body deals with fat and what is needed to reduce that fat. Any of the questions that I had regarding nutrition was answered, helping me understand what was needed to reach my goal.
Rachel was very knowledgeable and supportive in helping me achieve my goal. I have been able to make this part of my lifestyle and feel absolutely wonderful for it. Without a doubt I plan to continue. No more yoyo diets for me!
Thank you Rachel!


Before seeing Rachel, I hit the gym regularly but over the years my weight still kept creeping up. I was spending a lot of money on the wrong supplements too. With Rachel’s help I lost 20 lbs in fat mass and I think for the first time in my life I have a healthy BMI. It feels great having more energy as well!

Rachel is great too! She’s cheerful, attentive and has friendly staff who are just as helpful. Follow her recommendations closely and you’ll notice improvements!


Seeking Rachel’s help was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I lost 30 lbs. and reduced my cholesterol level from 6.25 down to 5.16, both of which were my goals. I feel great, my energy levels are better than they’ve ever been and importantly I have kept the weight off. Rachel’s counselling on good nutrition and my personalized binder were key to my success. The binder contained all the meal plans and a variety of recipes for each meal, plus all the foods/drinks to avoid. I always received great advice and encouragement from Rachel. She responded quickly and fully to any questions I had. The proof that I have done well was the reaction from my doctor on my follow up visit when she said “wow! you look great” – couldn’t ask for anything better than that. It goes without saying that I will be forever grateful to Rachel for setting me on the path to better health.

Philip Coe

Rachel, I sincerely want to thank you for guiding me in changing my dietary habits, and educating me on the realities of where poor nutrition can lead. Your program enabled me to get in shape for an important contract, and because I have (for the most part) maintained your recommendations, I wake up feeling so much better than I ever have, and that feeling carries me through to another great day! My moods are stable and good, I have lost even more weight and fat (my face is thinner and I have had to buy new clothes to fit), and I just feel more active all around. My friends and family have all noticed a big change. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to come to you and enlist your services. The guidance and information you have provided has helped to transform my life into what it is today: Productive, meaningful, happy, and best of all, a good role model for my young daughter! All you asked from me was a 90-day commitment. Best thing I could have done for myself!
Thank You Rachel!!



Kylie Delfino, the Nourished Self

Rachel is the prefered weight loss nutritionist recommended by The Nourished Self. She has successfuly helped numerous clients who we have referred to her for starting a sustainable weight loss. Highly recommend Rachel’s approach and the proof is in the success of her clients.



Kelly Parato

Working with Rachel has changed my life. Not only have I lost a lot of weight, but I FEEL BETTER. I never appreciated what an impact proper nutrition has on life…I sleep better, have more energy, and just feel fantastic. Rachel made nutrition easy and accessible, and worked with me to build a plan that works for me. I am a working mom with two young children, and we all eat better and feel great! I struggled for years with fad diets, and could never seem to shed my extra pounds, especially around my middle. In the first couple of weeks of eating well, that all changed, I saw results instantly. I lost all of the weight I wanted to lose in a few months, and now, almost a year later, I am exactly the same weight. This is easy! If I can do this, anyone can!



Graham Barton

I am eternally grateful for your services as they have completely changed my life and my eating habits for the better. I feel better, I look better, and my workouts have improved and I feel like I have added years to my life.



Elizabeth M

I first saw Rachel in Sept. 2012. I’d put on weight after major surgery, and felt sluggish and halfawake far too often. With Rachel’s guidance, I took a hard look at my diet. I followed a food plan recommended by Rachel and the results were obvious from the start. My energy and concentration improved and I started sleeping through the night. And happily, my body shape changed as the pounds dropped off and I replaced fat with muscle. Shopping for clothes suddenly became interesting again! The best part was that I was never hungry, which was the main reason I’d given up on every other weight reduction plan I’d ever tried. In fact, for the first little while, I found it hard to eat the amount I was supposed to eat each day, and had to leave out the snacks on my eating plan! All in all, a wonderful way to tone up and adopt a healthy way of eating. Rachel’s constant cheerfulness and support at the weekly checkins also helped make this an overall wonderful experience.




I’d like to say how Rachel’s program has changed my life! Not only do I look and feel better, I now have the tools and knowledge to keep it up! It was a real eyeopener as to how badly I was eating before! Rachel is very encouraging and positive and made the whole process very enjoyable!! I recommend this way of life to everyone! Thanks again Rachel for all your wisdom and support!



Jeannot Langlois

In 2012 I decided it was high time for me to lose a good amount of weight by going back to healthy eating habits which I neglected for a few years. Unfortunately, trying to do that on my own, I could only manage to lose so much after a while – and I got stuck for several months on a plateau no matter what I was eating or the exercises I was doing. I was determined to lose those remaining 13 lbs, so decided to go with Rachel’s help. Listening to her advice and going weekly followup checks – with body composition testing – I did important changes to my diet, started to lose weight again right from the first week, and of course, reached my goal – 27 lbs total… and I’m still losing some weight as I write this. Now I have to punch a new hole in my belt 🙂 Thanks Rachel!



Lisa B

Sleep. Energy. Fitness. These are some of the amazing benefits of choosing a natural, balanced nutritional lifestyle. Within two weeks, nutritional consultation lead to immediate results: significantly improved sleep, stabilized energy level and increased cellular health including decreased body fat. With Rachel’s guidance, I am learning to fuel my body so that I may be the best mom, teacher and runner I can be. Thank you, Rachel!



Leah M

Rachel is wonderful! She responded to my emails very thoroughly before my initial assessment and answered whatever questions I had. When I met her, she was kind and thoughtful as she listened to the details of my wellbeing concerns. She took into consideration my unique needs and laid out a very easy to follow meal plan that really broke it down in simple terms for me. So far, learning about nutrition with Rachel has been a wonderful experience. I am already sleeping better, feeling less bloated and feeling hopeful about my future health. Rachel is definitely supportive and has been a great resource for making some important changes in my life. Thanks Rachel!



Deb A

Hi Rachel,
I just wanted to say again how amazed I am with the results I’m achieving on this new regime – lovin’ it as well. Yesterday I was stunned with the results that my body composition showed. And this morning two things happened: my tea tastes better with just lemon so no more milk and second my weight watchers weigh in has me down 4 pounds – not sure what the difference is between scales, but no matter I’m happy with my results from yesterday’s body composition especially and my husband is over the top happy. He is liking the new food intake as well. My Doctor continues to be happy with my cholesterol levels. I told him what I was doing with you and he was very happy. Thanks again for you support – I’m on cloud 9 right now!



Jennifer Perlin

Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to let you know that I reached my goal weight of 135 pounds. I lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks and I’m feeling great and so is my baby. My skin is fantastic too. I’m not craving wine anymore at all and very rarely craving sweets. I’m really happy with the results!!!
thanks so much!




I lost over 10cm off my waist in just under a month and I feel great!



Chris P

In January 2009 my waistline matched my age.. and I didn’t like that. I changed my diet and increased my exercise routines and was able to lose some of the weight. This took me a year. After 20 pounds of weight loss (with 20 pounds to go) I hit a major plateau.

Despite all of my efforts with exercise, eating healthily and an obscene amount of cardio, I could not break through that plateau. During a web search, I found Rachel at the Wellness Group, who I felt could give me some nutritional guidance to accomplish my weight loss goal. She set up a threeweek nutritional plan to determine the cause of my roadblock. Throughout the implementation of the plan, Rachel was consistently quick to respond to my email questions with ideas and even recipes to help me along. Rachel’s plan made me more aware of the composition of the foods that I was eating and the effects that different foods had on my own digestive system. I was relieved to find that the three week diet had no adverse effects to my energy level and that I could continue with my busy lifestyle as professional, husband and father without interruption. In those three weeks, I broke through that plateau and lost 14 pounds. I continue to consult with Rachel, who progressively plans my nutritional needs. I have taken 6 years off of my waistline and my age.

Chantal Beauchesne National Women’s Sitting Volleyball

I came into Brittany’s office feeling lost and unenergized. I had no clue how to feed my body properly for my sport and also had sever IBS symptoms/attacks that I could never seem to get under control.
3 months later, I now have very few attacks and feel like I can push myself to new extremes with all the energy I now have. With Brittany’s customized meal plans I now have plenty of healthy foods to power me through heavy workouts and also plenty of food options to choose from!

Toronto, Ontario, August 14, 2015. Canadian women compete in the Sitting volleyball  during the 2015 Parapan Am Games . Photo Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Toronto, Ontario, August 14, 2015. Canadian women compete in the Sitting volleyball during the 2015 Parapan Am Games . Photo Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Toronto, Ontario, August 9, 2015. Canada vs USA sitting Volleyball 2015 Parapan Am Games . Photo Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Toronto, Ontario, August 9, 2015. Canada vs USA sitting Volleyball 2015 Parapan Am Games . Photo Scott Grant/Canadian Paralympic Committee

Thank you Brittany for all your constant help through this journey because of you I feel like a hole new person! You were amazing to work with and I couldn’t have picked a better person to work with.

B. Forsyth

I first reached out to Brittany in a quest to lose weight for an upcoming trip. What I didn’t realize then, but know now is what I really wanted was to learn how to live a healthy life. I’ve been working with Brittany just over a year and have relied on her knowledge and encouragement on numerous occasions. In the past I was known to go to extremes, all or nothing really. Working with Brittany has specifically helped me with finding the balance between healthy and realistic nutrition, which has helped me with my physical fitness goals. I’m happy to say that with Brittany’s support I’m healthier, happier and definitely more energetic. Not to mention I’ve kicked a few pounds as well! I would recommend Brittany for nutritional advice and more specifically for meal planning.


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