Our nutritionist Jen Wright recently spoke at a parent info night. Her tips are perfect for busy families!
See below!

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Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with some parents from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. It was so much fun to be able to help parents learn some easy lunch ideas for their children’s lunches.
We also touched on the effects that high sugar and processed snacks can have on their ability to learn and function at school.
I am always asked how to provide better food for our children without spending a lot of money. Or how do I fit making healthy food into our already crazy, busy schedules? My answer to this is PLANNING! Sit down one day a week, go through your flyers and see what is on sale, check your schedule for the week ahead and plan accordingly. Make your menu up for the entire week, and include lunches and snacks. Go to the grocery store, by yourself (if possible) sometimes children add to our food budget because they see something they HAVE to have. If not possible, stick to your list as much as possible. The other thing I tell people, is make meals that can be more than one meal.

For example:

Sunday night: Make a roast turkey/chicken, roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables. But make double the amount of veggies you need. Save the extras for an easy lunch side at work.
Save the bones from your turkey or chicken, and put them in the slow cooker overnight to make chicken/turkey broth for Monday night’s dinner, or lunches throughout the week.

Leftover chicken can then be used for wraps in your children’s or your own lunch.
In the same amount of time you have 2 nights dinner in one day! Here is my recipe for quick and easy chicken soup. Perfect for these colder nights. Serve with a salad or a veggie plate. Enjoy!

Chicken/Turkey Soup in the Slow Cooker
Using the bones from your roasted chicken or turkey. Put the bones in slow cooker with enough water to half fill the slow cooker. Allow to cook on low over night. Remove bones and strain liquid, putting the broth back into the slow cooker. Take any small pieces of chicken and put in the slow cooker. This recipe is great for cleaning out your fridge, you can use most vegetables.

Add the following:
• Diced onion
• Celery
• Carrots, turnip, parsnips
• Corn
• Potatoes
• Small pieces of kale or spinach if you have it.
• 2-3 cloves garlic, diced.

Allow to cook until vegetables are soft. Season to taste with:
• Salt and pepper
• Poultry seasoning
• Thyme
• Celery salt

You can add a box or organic chicken broth if more liquid is needed. You may also add a can of diced tomatoes.
Cook rice or pasta separately and add when serving. If you add it to the soup it will go mushy.