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Attract (and keep) Top Talent

Studies show that organizations with effective wellness programs have significantly lower voluntary attrition rates.

Happier Employees

When people are feeling better, they are happier and enjoytheir jobs more!

Increase Productivity

Help employees get the most out of their workday with simple tweaks to their diet!

Save Money

Research shows that companies with effective wellness programs have about 11% higher revenue per employee and 28% higher shareholder returns.


  • Increasing Productivity with Nutrition
  • Avoiding the Afternoon Slump
  • The Link Between Nutrition and Stress
  • Meal Planning for Office Life
  • Hormones and Weight Loss
  • Beating the Winter Blues
  • The Sugar Cycle and How to Get Off It
  • Breaking Bad Food Habits
  • Or, a customized presentation to suit your group’s needs!

Client Testimonials

Before I started this program, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been with a sore hip making it difficult to exercise. I’ve yo-yo dieted my entire life, never being able to maintain a healthy weight. I blamed my last weight gain on hormones and being middle aged. I was ready to give up!

My biggest achievement has been to finally learn how to maintain my weight and not be so strict. My whole mindset on nutrition has changed."

Jen Gagne
49 Years old

When I started working with Jenni, I had gone through a period of gaining weight slowly over two years. I hadn't changed the way I ate, but my metabolism was slowing down. I had gained weight (20 lbs) and lost it many of times over the past 30 years, and thought I knew how to lose weight.

I tried my usual diet tricks and thought I had good eating habits, but could not seem to lose more than a few pounds.

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60+ Years old

Approximately 12 months before I met Jenni I had suspected my issues were food related but I couldn't tie it to anything specific in my diet. I had been working construction type jobs and was physically active almost every day, but I would often wake in the middle of the night with leg cramps and my fingers were so swollen in the morning I couldn't put my wedding ring on.

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37 Years old

Twice a year we launch our super-popular group program- the ReBoot!

But this year, we're doing things a bit differently. We've been in the weight loss industry for over a decade and what we've realized is

I'll never be able to write how happy and grateful I actually am. But here's an attempt 🙂

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Kathryn Burke
32 Years old

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, with diet and food being my downfall, but over the last 5 years my weight had crept up to a point where I was unhappy with myself.

I decided this was the year I needed to change the way I was eating and make a total life change for the better. I know it sounds crazy to start a weight loss program in the middle of a Pandemic heading into quarantine but given my past actions and results, I decided I'd be crazy NOT to!

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- Fannie

I absolutely loved working with Jordan and would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking to implement healthier lifestyle choices. I was in a bit of a slump with my eating habits and workout habits and really needed a kickstarter and accountability.

Working with Jordan on a 3 month plan was such a great fit for me.

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- Kayla

joined Caven Nutrition right on the cusp of Covid19 and one month before a major move.

The timing was perfect! Instead of gaining weight in isolation I managed to focus on a new healthy eating plan, getting reacquainted with my kitchen, swapping out groceries for healthier options, learning to read labels etc.

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- Rosa B

I came across Caven Nutrition on Facebook in October 2019, and one of their posts resonated with me: "Oh, I see that you spent the summer eating and drinking whatever you wanted, and not exercising." -- pants.

This was me... I was addicted to sugar, drank too much alcohol, lacked energy, found my pants not fitting, and knew I needed to make a change.

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- Lisa

Caddy has been so wonderful to work with, that even when she checks in via online, it actually makes me feel the same way as our regular meetings – supported and comforted.

I never feel badly or hesitant to be honest with her, especially when I am struggling. I know that she understands that this is a process and the work can be hard, and that she is truly in my corner.

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- Yasmine

I contacted Caven Nutrition at the suggestion of my doctor. As a woman in her 50s, my concerns were weight loss, managing symptoms of menopause, and general health and well- being.

Through the program and the thoughtful, professional guidance of Caddy Ledbetter, my Nutritionist, I learned how sugar was negatively affecting me, the benefits of supplements, the importance of increasing protein and vegetables in my diet and countless other lessons.

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- A Caven Client

I've spent a good part of my life eating to deal with situations I find overwhelming. When a family tragedy came to its inevitable conclusion, I found myself at an all-time high with my weight and an all-time low with my general well-being.

Enter Caven Nutrition and the amazing, Jordan Fudge. I put myself in her hands and did exactly what she told me to do. The first two weeks were the most difficult but I had made a promise to take care of myself and I truly didn't deviate from Jordan's guidelines.

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- Elaine

I was introduced to Caven Nutrition by friends. I am thrilled to have been connected to a Nutritionist that understands my medical condition. The experience has been so helpful in many ways.

I get sound advice on diet and non-medical treatment - that I would ever have considered myself. Equally important, I got encouragement and support.

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- Darcie

I signed up for the Caven Nutrition program in January 2020. With the skilled guidance of my Nutritionist, Jordan, I was able to lose 20 pounds, and so far, I am keeping it off.

Jordan is knowledgeable, supportive and is with you every step of the way. The program is very comprehensive in that it includes recipes, tips and accountability to get you where you want to be.

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- Donna

I went to Jordan at Caven Nutrition because I had recently found myself unable to maintain my weight. The changes had not been large: I was just frustrated by my inability to get control of the situation.

So I went to Jordan for help, almost apologetic because the problem was pretty small and so I assumed the solution would be too.

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- Sally

Before I started working with Caven Nutrition I was at my lowest both emotionally and healthwise. I wasn't being active, I was stressed all the time and I ate really poorly which in turn made me feel not so great about myself.

On top of that, I was struggling to come to terms with my severe asthma that basically turned me from an active person to someone who feels anxiety over the slightest bit of activity.

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- A Caven Client

I went to Caven Nutrition to help sort out some potential food sensitivities, and to help jumpstart myself back into a healthier lifestyle after a few Covid-years.

I was so happy getting the chance to work with Jenni, she was such an amazing and supportive person. We worked closely together for a few months and by the end I had better energy levels, fat loss, and learned what foods I was sensitive to that were causing digestive issues.

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- Steph

Client Testimonials

“I will start by saying you should hire her. Point blank. She is a dynamic, engaging, and energetic speaker that kept us on the edge of our seats. Using humor and fact, Rachel quickly captivated the audience who started asking many (many!!) questions, all of which she answered with ease. People were thrilled with the presentation and are already asking when she will be back. Well worth the investment in our employees, I would recommend it to anyone looking to boost morale or offer something beyond business to their workforce. Thank you, Rachel, you have truly made a difference.”
- Laura Miller
Manager, Export Development Canada
“Rachel’s presentation was excellent! It’s not easy presenting to a group of 100 different individuals, but Rachel did an amazing job of making her presentation apply to just about everyone! We were all very impressed with her knowledge of the subject of nutrition in the workplace, and her pleasant personality and approachability made everyone very comfortable to ask questions throughout the presentation. You could tell just by the number and the diversity of the questions that were asked during her presentation and even afterward. Her humour and her slideshow kept everyone very interested the whole time and people even felt we could have had her speak for another hour! We definitely walked out of there knowing much more about nutrition than before her presentation. We cannot recommend her highly enough for any corporate event!”
- The Department of Justice Canada
“Planning talks with Rachel is a dream. She has a huge variety of topics to choose from and then some! Rachel has been coming to our office for several years now and her talks are hugely popular. She even has a core group of followers who attend all of her talks, even the repeat ones. From the beginner I-don’t-know-what-a-veggie-is to the advanced Kale-eater, Rachel keeps everyone interested. She balances scientific facts with practical tips, making nutrition simple and attainable for everyone. Her talks have truly transformed the team’s outlook on nutrition. Following her advice, some have lost weight or changed their food habits to gain more energy, better concentration, and better health. Rachel is flexible and patient, breezing through countless emails about contracting, topic brainstorming, date changes, and room changes. She is has a great sense of humour and a fantastic presence. If you’re thinking about introducing a tad more health and wellness into your workplace, it’s quite simple: hire Rachel!”
- Gabrielle Michaud
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
“I would like to offer my extreme thank you for your professionalism and integrity. What impressed me was: you called it as you saw it; your knowledge; and your passion! You believe it and you live it. Along with the information you presented you provided me with the tools to continue my health path for – I hope – the rest of my life! As you said, we never stop learning about the discoveries of the merits (or demerits) of what we consume, etc.”
- Sonny Lolacher
Team Leader, Canadian Revenue Agency
“I thought I was eating properly until this session! Great presentation, very practical advice, very informative.”
- Workplace and Prevention Services
“I wanted to thank you for your talk to the group. They loved the presentation and all stated to date that it was one of their favorite presentations!”
- The Running Room
“Rachel did a fantastic presentation to our small but diverse group. She put nutrition in perspective and gave us practical and easy to incorporate suggestions. As individuals, we all benefitted from her information. Her guidance has positively influenced the dietary culture of our office.”
- Stevenson Trinka


Rachel Caven

Rachel is a dynamic and passionate speaker, who uses science and facts mixed with humour and practical advice everyone can use. She is a sought after speaker for corporate, government and media events.

Rachel appears regularly on Ottawa’s CTV Morning Live and Roger’s Daytime Ottawa and has written articles for Chatelaine Magazine, the Huffington Post, Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Alive Magazine and Revive Magazine. Rachel is a recipient of the prestigious Forty Under 40 Business Award.

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