It’s been hot out, have you been staying hydrated? We are told to drink water, at least 8 cups a day right? But is that enough or the right thing for you? So many factors go into what is the right about of liquids for each individual. Are you a coffee drinker? Do you exercise regularly? What type of exercise are you engaging in? Hot yoga, out door runs? Cross fit? Swimming? Etc.

What you eat, how much caffeine you take in and how much you sweat are all factors in our independent needs for hydration. Here are a couple easy steps to make sure you are nice and hydrated no matter what your personal needs are.

1. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink.

2. Set an alarm if you need to. Giving yourself a reminder every hour or two eventually you won’t need the alarm it will just become a habit.

3. Carry water with you! Get yourself a glass or metal water bottle and carry it where ever you go. This way you won’t need to rely on throw away bottles helping to keep you hydrated and support the environment at the same time.

4. Salt. I know it sounds super strange but a little bit of sea salt into your water will help to balance out your electrolytes making sure you are hydrated instead of just well watered. This isn’t an all the time thing, but is a great tip for when you are participating in strenuous activities and sweating a little more.

If you stick to these four tips you should remain nicely hydrated. Now if you are the type of individual or sports enthusiast who sweat more than the average bear and tend to rely on “sports drinks” here is a recipe to keep you hydrated and keep you away from all those harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Lemony Hydration Drink:

1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 cups filtered water
1/8 teaspoon of freshly ground Himalayan rock salt
2 tablespoons raw honey

Mix together and enjoy! You can blend it up quickly or just shake away until the honey is dissolved. As always, you can adjust the flavours to your liking as well. Enjoy!

Stay Hydrated