Keeping Cool this Summer with Homemade Slushies

Let’s face it the summer in Ottawa can reach some pretty extreme heat levels, and whether you are hanging out by a pool, chilling out in air condition or sweating your face off during a workout we are all looking for ways to stay cool on those hot summer days.
Normally we find ourselves reaching for items which are high in refine sugars like slushies or popsicles from the convenience store, or ice cream with more preservatives and stabilizers than actual food. As an alternative to all of that we have created some healthy, bring your temperature down slushies that will keep the whole family happy.
Number one these slushies are delicious but probably most importantly they are good for you and your family. These slushies will help to assist in digestion, support healthy youthful looking skin and keep you hydrated all while impressing your friends. All you need is some fruit, ice and a blender, trust us it really is that easy!

Directions for ALL!
1. Place all ingredients into a blender
2. Blend using the crush ice or pulse function until you reach the desired consistency. Remember the more you blend the finer the ice, which also means it will melt faster. I like to pulse mine about 10-15 times leaving it a little chunky so it stays icy longer.

Hydrating Slushy:

This slushy is fully of electrolytes, tastes like a treat and steers you clear of any unwanted processed sugars and preservatives.

1-2 Cups ice
1 cup coconut water
pinch of salt
1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
5-6 frozen or fresh straw berries


Digestive Slushy:
This slushy helps to support your digestive function by amping up your digestive juices with the help of lemon and lime. Then for an extra kick of support the mint and ginger aid in soothing any stomach upset you may be experiencing, all while tasting like a mojito.
1-2 cups ice
1 cup water
½ lemon juice
½ lime juice
3 sprigs of mint
½ inch piece of ginger


Glowing Skin Slushy:

This slushy provides you with an extra bump of vitamin C to help to support younger healthier skin. In the summer we often spend most of our days under the sun trying to absorbe as much of that quality vitamin D as possible. Problem with this is the sun can be damaging to the collagen in our skin. This slushy will assist your body in the synthesise of collagen which translates to healthier, younger and more hydrated skin.

1-2 cups ice
1 cup cold green tea
1 cup sliced fresh strawberries
½ lime juiced

Slushy to Impress

Sometimes we just want something that tastes good and looks impressive. Inspired by the tasty summer peach Bellini this slushy has a sparkle to it. Sure this slushy is impressive and sparkly but that doesn’t mean we forgot about your health! It is packed full of fiber, vitamin C and electrolytes to keep your body fueled and happy while you entertain.

1-2 cups ice
1 cup sparking water (added after blending)
2 peaches sliced
Juice from half a lemon
Handful of fresh Raspberries

*as the liquid is added after blending you may need to add a touch of water to help with the blending process, depending on how ripe your peaches are. A splash of cold green tea or water will do the trick.

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