Grain Free Pancakes, with Fresh Raspberries!

Looking for a grain free options for pancake breakfasts? This is a great option to try! What you will need: 2 overripe bananas 2 eggs Vanilla extract Cinnamon Coconut oil (Optional Protein powder) To make: Mash your bananas well! Crack open 2 eggs and whisk well, dash in vanilla extract and some cinnamon and finally […]

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We’re going Bananas for these muffins, with No Added refined Sugar!

One of the challenges of Easter is the chocolate! Here is a simple one-bowl muffin recipe that you can make several batches of and bring to brunches, lunches and dinners! Bananas are great for digestion as they are source of dietary fibre, can improve your mood and well as help to regulate your sleeping patterns! […]

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Christmas Baking Sweetener Alternatives and Sugar 101 on CTV Morning LIVE!

Better Sweeteners for your Christmas A diet high in sugar can lead to numerous health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and hyperactivity. When you want to add a little sweetness to your life there are better options out there and some to stay away from. Sweeteners to Avoid: 1. White/cane sugar- […]

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