Fridge or Counter Rules for Storing food On CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Does it need to go in the fridge? Are you taking up precious fridge space with foods that would actually last longer and taste better outside of the fridge or maybe you are leading your foods to an early demise by leaving them on the counter? The following foods might surprise when you find out […]

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Long Weekend Detox Tips on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Detoxing after a Long Weekend The best part about detoxing after a long weekend is that your body has already gotten to work for you, processing those extra glasses of alcohol from the weekend. Just because our body is already getting to work detoxifying doesn’t mean we can’t give them an extra helping hand with […]

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Summertime Slushy Shenanigans on CTV Ottawa Morning LIVE!

Keeping Cool this Summer with Homemade Slushies Let’s face it the summer in Ottawa can reach some pretty extreme heat levels, and whether you are hanging out by a pool, chilling out in air condition or sweating your face off during a workout we are all looking for ways to stay cool on those hot […]

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Adaptogens! What in the world are they?

We are proponents of supporting our body using healthy whole foods. Another way to boost our body’s ability to remain healthy, reduce stress and support good energy is through the use of plant compounds called adaptogens. Adaptogens help balance, restore and protect the body! • An adaptogen isn’t something new that was just cooked up […]

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