Is it really healthy? Find out how to spot a fake when it comes to Health Food on CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Don’t be Fooled by Fake Foods When trying to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families sometimes it can be tricky to navigate what is available to us in the stores. People should try to have between 25-38g (6-9 tsp) of sugar a day and should stay below 2300 mg or 1 tsp/6g sodium […]

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Adaptogens! What in the world are they?

We are proponents of supporting our body using healthy whole foods. Another way to boost our body’s ability to remain healthy, reduce stress and support good energy is through the use of plant compounds called adaptogens. Adaptogens help balance, restore and protect the body! • An adaptogen isn’t something new that was just cooked up […]

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What else can you drink besides Juice and Pop this Summer? We talked it out on CTV Morning Live!

We discussed some super drink awesome alternatives on CTV Morning Live. Some of our favourites are Culture Kombucha and Urban Juice Press. Both are locally made in Ottawa. Milkshake Delight -1/2 banana -1/2 cup strawberries (In season!) -1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk or vanilla or other milk alternative (coconut, hemp) -1/4 cup cocoa or […]

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Hiding Nutrients in your Children’s Food on CTV Ottawa Morning Live!

How to Hide Nutrients in Your Kids Food 1.Breakfast Don’t do veggie bread it is better to eat the whole veggie than it is it eat dehydrated veggies in bread. Better options for breakfast: Smoothies – You can put anything in (green veggies, berries, yogurt, etc) – Make sure there is good protein and fat […]

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