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In an effort to avoid sugar, people are drinking less soft drinks, but not realizing how much sugar is in so called “healthy” foods they continue to consume.

There is no Upper Limit for sugar in Canada, however the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend that people limit their added sugar intake to:
Women- 25 g, 6 tsp
Men- 36g, 9 tsp
Children- 12g, 3 tsp

To put that in perspective, a can of soda has 40 g (10 tsp) sugar.

Sample Meal Plan of a “Healthy” Diet.

1 package instant Oatmeal- 14 g, 3.5 tsp
Medium Specialty Latte- 30-40 g, 7-10 tsp

AM Snack:
3/4 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt- 19 g, 4.75 tsp

2 cups Kale Salad with poppyseed dressing- 20 g, 5 tsp
4 oz Chicken with 2 TBS BBQ Sauce- 16 g, 4 tsp
Iced Tea- 46 g, 11.5 tsp

Drink at the gym:
Vitamin Water- 32 g, 8 tsp

Stir Fry- 57 g, 14 tsp!!

Recipe options for Stir Fry Sauces

Super Yummy Stir Fry Sauce

½ cup low sodium soy sauce (or Tamari if gluten free)
½ cup beef, chicken or veggie broth (Organic if possible)
1 tablespoon gelatin or arrowroot starch to help thicken up your sauce
1 tablespoon honey or skip all together.
1 to 2 teaspoons sesame seed oil
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
2 inch piece of ginger peel and minced well, or you can use 1.5 tsps of powdered ginger
2 garlic cloves minced well.

Add your soy sauce or tamari with your broth and whisk. Add in you arrowroot or gelatin to thicken.
Next add in honey, sesame seed oil and rice vinegar. Peel and shop your ginger if using fresh ginger and then peel and chop your garlic. Add to the sauce mix. Whisk well until combined. You can adjust the recipe depending on how many people you are feeding but this should be good for two people eating generous servings of stirfry.

How to make this day better to get rid of the Added Sugar;

-Use plain instant oats and plain yogurt and flavour with berries, cinnamon, and sweeten yourself with honey, maple syrup, stevia or xylitol

-You can still go to the coffee shop! Just buy plain coffee and add your own sugar, or start drinking sugar free coffee and tea.

-Make your own salad dressing or buy a sugar free variety and keep it at work.

-Flavour chicken with salsa, guacamole, hot sauce or mustard.

-Make your own stir fry sauce with minimal ingredients.

-Just drink water! Or make your own iced tea.

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