Ways to wake up without coffee



§ Light, sunshine, UV light

o Get as much light as possible first thing in the morning. This shuts off your production of melatonin which signals to your brain it’s wake up time!

§ Exercise

o Get the blood pumping. Even a short walk or some stretching will help. Bonus if you can get outside and get some fresh air and possibly sun.

§ Cold shower

o Hot showers cause your body temp to rise then drop- which is what happens in sleep, so a warm shower can make you sleepy in the morning. Just make the last minute of your shower cold. Or drink cold water.


§ Drink Water first thing!

o Often fatigue is caused by dehydration, which coffee does not help

§ Matcha tea latte

o Matcha is the whole green tea leaf ground up, contains potent antioxidants including catechins, detoxifying, contains l-theanine which is calming and boosts mood.

o 1 cup coconut milk
o 1 tsp matcha green tea
o 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
o stevia to taste

§ Hot Chocolate

o 1 cup coconut milk
o 1 tsp raw cacao powder
o ½ tsp maca root powder (optional)
o 1 tsp mint extract, stevia to taste

§ Greens!

o Green vegetables contain more nutrients per gram then any other food group. Have a green smoothie, green juice, or greens powder. For greens powders there are some wonderful flavours like Vanilla Chai from Genuine Health! The juice is from http://zanadu.ca. Check it out at 91 Richmond Rd in Ottawa On!

Watch the segment here http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=507363&binId=1.1487308&playlistPageNum=1