This isn’t a DIEt; it’s a LIFEstyle.

Did you know that 90% of people who diet fail? That’s because fad diets don’t work in the long run.

Diets may offer short term weight loss. However, you often lose valuable muscle and water instead of fat, which is why people gain all of the weight back (and sometimes more) when they’re finished dieting.This is very dangerous for your health. Not only are you burning muscle, but you may become deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

A Personalized Weight Loss Program is designed with you in mind. There is no counting calories or points, no starving yourself, no special supplements and no injections. When designing your Personalized Weight Loss Program, Rachel will take into account your current health, health history, nutritional status, lifestyle, work schedule, food preferences and goals. During the program you will develop healthy eating habits that you can use for the rest of your life. When you learn to eat well, you will never have to DIEt again!

Personalized Weight Loss Programs Include:

  • Full Nutritional Assessment with Body Composition Testing (1 hour)
  • Personalized Nutritional Plan to meet your goals
  • Weekly appointments to track your results and offer motivation
  • Customized meal plans using the foods you already enjoy
  • Meal planning tools which make it fun and easy to lose weight
  • Recipes to complement your meal plan using common grocery store foods
  • Grocery store lists for your weekly recipes
  • Weight loss progress tracking until your goal is reached
  • Daily support via email

During this program you will:

  • Learn how to eat right so you never have to diet again
  • Feel more energetic and sleep better
  • Have a decrease in cravings
  • Nourish yourself so you will never be starving
  • Feel better!

What Makes This Weight Loss Program Different?

  • Work with a Registered Nutritionist
  • No counting calories or points
  • Eat real food from the grocery store
  • No special supplements to purchase
  • Body Composition Testing instead of just getting weighed
  • Keep the weight off for good!

Unique Fat Loss Targeting

  • Focuses on losing fat as opposed to just weight on the scale (which could mean water or muscle mass)
  • Preserves metabolically active tissue so you won’t gain all of the weight back once you finish the program

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