I love the summer months because you can find fresh produce everywhere. I mainly shop at Farmers’ Markets because:

1. You get fresh produce that has been picked that day- Most food in the grocery store has travelled for at least two weeks! Check the place of origin of your produce next time you shop.

2.The food is very nutritious- Most grocery store produce is picked before it is ripe and allowed to ripen on the truck. Buying freshly picked produce means it has ripened on the plant and picked at its nutritional peak.

3.You are helping to support your local economy- By purchasing food directly from the farmer; they receive all of the profits, not the middle man grocery store.

4. Most local produce is non-certified organic- The reason why most farmers don’t get organic certification is because it is very expensive and they would have to charge you more. But a lot of small farmers don’t have to use pesticides on some of their produce. The only way to know is to ask them!

5. You can meet the farmer who grows your food and ask them questions about it.

6. You can teach your children where food actually comes from. Did you watch this episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? I highly recommend that you do!

7. You can get a lot of good food for not a lot of money!

I went to my local Farmers’ Market today with only a $20 bill and this is what I came back with:



Potatoes, tomatoes, mixed greens, a huge bunch of beets, swiss chard, 3 cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, and garlic.

All freshly picked this morning!

Mixed greens


I may or may not have eaten most of the tomatoes before taking the picture……. I couldn’t help it, they were so good!

So many beets for only $3! I use the beet greens too!
So many beets for only $3! I use the beet greens too!
Cute little garlic with a beard!

There really is no reason not to eat local food in the summer. You can find a listing of all the local Ontario Farmers’ Markets HERE.